HRE should have a way to generate relics

As it stands, no other race’s bonuses are conditional. And by that i mean you can’t stop the french from getting their economic bonuses from wood, or you can’t stop them from getting crossbowmen, and you can’t stop the chinese from building landmarks unless you like physically destroy them.

HRE is the only faction that you can just prevent them from getting their factional bonus which is from the relics. HRE is a defensive faction and especially against factions with strong cav play like Rus, Mongol, and the French you really can get penned into your base until you get the chance to push out at age 3 when you footmen gain extra damage to large units and can trade pretty efficiently with cavalry. But by the time you can get a bit of map control and move your prelates out to get relics the other side has also had time to get relics as well with their priests. It’s even worse against Rus with their mounted warrior priests.

So it is the case that you’re very lucky if you get 3 relics, and you’re more likely to at most get 1-2 relics, or expect almost none against the Rus. Because of this I never see the HRE use their relics in forts, or in docks, people almost always put them all in the palace for gold if they’re able to get them, so the HRE misses out on quite a bit of their faction bonus.

So I propose that the HRE have some way to generate about 4-5 Relics independent of the map. A few ways I’ve considered this is maybe if a prelate is able to stay on any holy site for 3 minutes, he gains a relic, and this can happen a max of 5 times, or perhaps you can have the ability to just buy them from the market for 100 of each resource the first time, then 200 the next and have it increase until it’s 500 of each resource for the 5th relic.

This will bring HRE in line with the other factions in that they can’t be shut out of their faction mechanics by being penned in their base, or by having bad luck.

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That warrior monk needs to go… it’s super op and easy to convert entire armies, french also can deny any relic to HRE pretty ez

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