HRE - Uniqueness, mechanic and army rant. There is a lot of potential lying fallow

You are missing the point. This civ offers nothing except MAA. It has no civ identiy, it has clunky and bad mechanics, the Landsknecht is terrible, they have no unique stuff for any other unit, they are all baseline, boring and terrible. There is nothing HRE about the HRE, it’s a generic infantry civ with no strengths other than MAA. They have the worst lategame. Culverin is nothing special, Springalds outperform them in most matches due to lower costs anyway (esp. from Rus and Mongols). Inspiration is ■■■■, the knights are the worst in the game (which is absolutely insufferable) and the infantry is not even that special as many other civs have good infantry techs alongside their actual strengths. The HRE falls short in every other regard. They have useless techs like Benediction and 2 techs for MAA where other civs have only one with the power of 2 like honed blades. Honed blades gives in one tech +3 attack for MAA AND knights. The HRE needs 2 techs of which each is equal to +3 attack for one unit type. The +6 vs heavy armor (which are reduced to +3 when combined with twohander, ■■■■■■■ ridiculous) is without the bug equal to +3 flat and the +2 dmg and +15 hp is also equal to +3 damage. The HRE has two techs, the Delhi one with the power of two. Also the Delhi has way better Religion mechanics. Their scholars are actually useful and they can be upgraded in age II already. But the HRE is supposed to be the Religion civ. I wonder why… There is nothing that justifies that. Prelates only give a good buff, but as a unit they are terrible and clunky, slow and weak. The Rus also have better religious techs and units. And the Mongol shamans are actually also better once ovoo upgraded. It’s a joke. Just as the age IV tech for HRE spearmen giving them +3 melee armor. What a freaking useless age IV tech that does barely anything. It’s such a mess.

The HRE is in a ■■■■ spot. Also it does not matter that MAA might trade well vs knights, because there is so much ■■■■ that just downright counters MAA. Especially in late game. And again: MAA is the only strength the HRE has. There is nothing else. No unique unit, no tech. Nothing.

The only thing the HRE has going for itself is a good early eco and early power potential due to Regnitz, if you can get the Relics and make it to castle age at all. That is why you might think they are in a better spot than China and Delhi. But that is not true. Improve China and Delhi early game and they actually offer a lot. China has the best late game and is very overpowered with their bombards and grenadiers. Delhi has good techs and all in all a strong lategame. The HRE has nothing of that sort. They end in castle age. There is no imperial age for them, because everything they have there is either baseline or simply inferior to what other civs have. The infantry speed is nice and probably the best tech of the whole civ, but it rarely helps. Mongols have yam network and just better units thanks to this ovoo ■■■■. The Abbasid infantry get 15% more hp, their archers attack 25% faster, their spearmen have double the range and camels buff infantry reliably. The French arbaletrier counters everything the HRE can muster unless it is siege. They end up with 10 melee armor, which outright negates any strength the HRE might have against them. The English have the tankiest MAA that do what they are supposed to: Be a front line. While all their other units profit from the network of castles and longbows are viable from early to late game. Also they have enclosure which makes Regnitz look like a shabby hut. The Rus have for some reason the strongest knights (roughly on par with French) and can reliably buff all their units with the warrior monk if you know how to use him (hit and run). They have a better version of the HRE inspiration, which is ■■■■ as it is a single target cast with 3 sec animation that only lasts 30 seconds. It’s trash. Your units are actually never inspired when it matters. And do not let me start on the Streltsy. What an overpowered unit that is… Much better than the hand cannoneer due to abilities and techs and then they are also 25% cheaper. What the hell? Then there is also the horse archer, who does not convince too much, but fully upgraded he is quite the raiding unit with 6.5 range. All other civs offer so much more than the HRE, who again have only good MAA whose techs are also and still bugged.

Addendum to the Landsknecht: The Landsknecht does not fill any role. He is the worst designed unit that is historically also inaccurate and he is never worth its costs. I am actually getting a mental breakdown when anybody tries to explain how they are used. They are a joke and you do not build them unless you know you are winning. Why would you waste 100 gold on a unit that dies to everything and not build a knight instead or use the gold for more MAA? It’s stupid to mix them in and it’s stupid that they are designed as an auxiliary ■■■■ unit. They need a massive overhaul or should just be deleted from the game. Also they are not a castle age unit, they should be imperial age. And they should be a quality unit at that. The HRE desperately needs another unique unit and more unique techs and not this shitshow of techs that are just inferior to all the other civs.

Nobody, who wants to achieve something, plays the HRE. They are never picked. For reasons. You only see them in low level matches, but the higher it gets, the less you see them. Had Delhi and China a better early game, the HRE would be bottom last and with quite some distance.

You talk about stuff that is powerful, but only due to numbers. It’s not their mechanics, it’s not their units, it’s not their identiy… They just get a lot of gold from Regnitz and a big boost from the prelate, because Relic didn’t know ■■■■ about what they wanted the HRE to be. They failed horribly in designing this civ.

What is there for the HRE aside from MAA? Only baseline ■■■■■■■■, a terrible unique unit and clunky mechanics garnished with boring and subpar techs. That’s it.


If you look at the balance polls I posted, a majority of people want the HRE to be reworked and changed the most. People do not understand why the HRE is such a simplistic and underwhelming civ, even compared to the Chinese who is also held back.

They are also the second most voted for a buff due to them and the Chinese not getting any notable representation in the tournament.

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While I agree on some points I think HRE is fun to play, it has a unique play style, you can play it defensive and go relic boom or offensive, using relic on castles is very useful, but yes their unit roster is lacking, they are good at tier 2-3 but IV they need a unique unit. I hope they don’t change the civ too much.

I also think they should be able to produce prelates at the first landmark, this will help with the economy as RUS can produce scouts in other buildings as well…

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One think is a rework and other a buff… HRE needs a buff yes but not a rework… I play HRE and don’t want a rework on it…

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Rework won’t necessarily change the entire functionality or theme of the civilization, the protoss and terran both went through reworks regarding their units with overhauls and they are far more fun and balanced to play than in the past. Protoss were originally supposed to be a micro intensive faction with lots of spell casting. However people opted for cheese and simple right click armies. Terran was lacking in their mech department, and widow mines where really the only thing that was viable so that was in need of changing. Hell they even made battle cruisers be able to teleport across the entire map.

The HRE prelate mechanics are fun and interesting, well when they don’t bug out. I had my first prelate bug out yesterday and didn’t notice until 2 mins into the game. My gold production loss cost me an extra minute and a half which is a death sentence. However their unique units are lacking and could use changes with their functionality. Perhaps even add more mechanics and make a new civ bonus. The Chinese need just slight buffs to their ranged and NoB, the HRE is a tad complicated in regards to what it needs fixed.

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I remember SC2, I played Protos just because of motherships black hole, then they totally change the blackhole, I played for some months then I stopped playing… If you pay for something you like and they sell you then they remove it instead of balancing it, I hate that approach, rework is not necessary, may be some small changes.

Springalds are outperforming most other siege units, it is already relatively well known that springalds are somewhat overtuned.

Maybe I am not aware, but how are they worse than the Chinese knight equivalent? Or worse than the english knight or mongol lancer? Please elaborate.

Right, but in reality both those civs don’t have a strong early game and thus HRE at least to me, feels better to play and less punishing.

Overall I rather get the impression that you want the theme but not the civ. I don’t think a rework to the civ is needed, I’d rather see the prelate reworked, buff in aoe and more efficient heals and I think it’s all set.

Getting the relics should always be No.1 priority to every HRE player. You want to buff your keeps and/or docks. Their defensive capabilities are very strong and I enjoy it a ton.

Not the Landsknecht though.

Excuse me, what? The gold income is nice, but it isn’t close to how massive your gold income is with a fully stacked regnitz cathedral.

HRE MAA are the strongest of them all, they take down any other armored unit in close combat, no problem this alone is pretty hefty. Landsknecht reliably deal with any light infantry there is, of course if you were to run a stack into archers without any tactics a lot of them will die.

I agree that inspiring units doesn’t feel good at all, that is why I would say the prelate needs a rework.

Hard disagree, Landsknecht is extremely potent albeit squishy. It’s only really problematic to play against AI which focus down your Landsknechte pretty reliably. But against other players? Good luck picking out the Landsknecht between the MAA/Knights.

You can make the argument about the english as well, no? You leave out all the economics and defensive capabilities and only focus on the one military unit. So what else do the english have aside from Longbowmen? There, if you want, you can make everything sound uninspired and baseline.

That is true, however, when asking for a rework on 8 existing civs, who would you pick the most? This is the question that has been asked. The better question would have been, does any civ need a whole rework?

I won’t argue that the civ needs a buff, because HRE needs a buff, even if it’s in the form of an upgraded prelate. But once all bugs are out of the way and the prelate is able to buff military reliably, there is really no need for a rework at all.

As a German, I feel very well represented by the HRE and I think they did a good job designing the civ.

Chinese have either the Yuan or the Ming dynasty to boost knights, leading to them having either 15% more speed or 10% more hp. The Mongols have the yam network, the Kurultei and in regards of a permanent bonus the ovoo improved techs. That leads to Bloodlines being 30% for cav instead of 20%. So Mongol knights can be faster, can have a 25% dmg boost and will have 10% more hp.
The English and the Abbasids are the only civs that have no permanent bonus for cav next to the HRE. The only civs. But the English have the network of castles and with the coming patch, their knights will be insane as the network buff does not work properly on them right now. And the Abbasids make all other knights worse when bringing Camels to the fray, automatically boosting their own knights.

The HRE could have inspiration. But its mechanic sucks and it is rarely active. And you can somewhat be sure that it is never active when it actually matters.

The first 15 to 20 minutes the HRE probably feels better than China or Delhi, which is only because of the numbers they get boosted with early on. These numbers just need to be reduced and the civ will be completely gimped. As soon as you exceed the castle age, the HRE feels worse and worse and worse, because all they have is a standard tech tree with nothing interesting, special or even remotely strong. The imperial age gives the HRE nothing over other civs. Not one bit.

Yeah, it’s nice when you get them. But if you planned on getting them and do not get them, your whole game plan is ruined. The HRE relies heavily on relics. And there is no point in going Meinwerk into Burgrave as it has one short power spike but starts to fall off a few minutes later as it doesn’t give you anything. It is easy to stop the HRE from getting relics, when you early pressure them and actively want to deny them the relics. The HRE might eventually get their hands on 1 or 2, but it will have been very costly. If the opponent does not contest the HRE in getting the relic, they are probably new to the game or have rarely played against the HRE, as they are barely picked by more capable players.

In theory. In practice the Landsknecht is countered by everything. Everything that deals damage counters him. He is the weakest uni in the game. A longbow is tankier. It’s a joke. Just don’t mention the Landsknecht as a means to counter anything from anybody, if you wanna be taken seriously. The Landsknecht costs 100 gold, the Arbaletrier 26 to 40, depending on base layout and techs. The Landsknecht loses 1v1. And even if he didn’t, which he does, in real battle he would not even get close to the Arbaletrier. You do not pay 100 gold for a unit that dies already on the way to their target. You just don’t. Especially not when you want to charge into the counter of that unit which is supposed to be your own protection: The MAA.
Also: There is no difficulty of any sort to just add some archers to your crossbows.

And have you ever seen Camel archers 3 shotting Landsknechts? No? A sight to behold!

It’s a ■■■■ unit.

Dude… You need to learn to macro in this game. 60 farms is standard in a normal late game. 60 farms already equal in more than 1000 gold/minute, which outshines the Regnitz bonus. Do the math, man. As an english, you actually go for 75 to 90 farms in lategame and around 30 wood workers. That’s all you need. 90 farms give you a steady and massive gold income.

60 : 3.5 = 17,14. 17.14 * 90 = 1543 gold per minute.

As English you can actually steer your gold income with the amount of farms you have. The Regnitz stops at 900g/minute. Its advantage, however, is that you can have the gold boost much earlier. But for that the opponent needs to actually fail at their counterplay.

Yeah, good luck. One mangonel kills most Landsknechts in one shot. If they get close to a building with burning oil, they insta die. Any trash unit can counter them. Pros build them once and never again. They also barely touch the HRE ever again after trying them for a few games. You literally need to be a player that gets overwhelmed with what is happening on the screen to lose against Landsknechts. Landsknechts are just plain terrible. That’s actually common sense. Also their role has nothing to do with what they actually did on the battle field. Relic has always put emphasis on their goal to be historically as accurate as possible. Also look at the statistics and their cost to hp ratio. They are trash. And you do not need an expensive spearmen counter, which is all they are. You just don’t need that kind of stuff. It does not matter in this game. In early castle age, a sneaky Landsknecht can do some work. Yes, I do not deny that. But compare this ■■■■ unit to any other unique unit in the game and you will have to notice that it neither has any unique upgrades as the other units nor is remotely as useful as other units. And it is among the most expensive unique units. It also makes no sense to double punish this unit: Little armor, okay. But low health pool? Why? Again: Every European army was afraid of these guys. Every king wanted them in their army. They were the front line and the core of the army. In the game, however, they are a disgrace in the face of history and also gameplay.

If you had read through all the thread, you would have noticed several occasions in which I also describe the English as being one dimensional and boring. Their difference, however, is that they have great synergies and actually a good base defense without having to put relics into anything. The English have Longbows and tanky MAA. But all of their army is actually always under the influence of the network of castles buff, if you play the english correctly. That just improves all units massively. Archers, crossbowmen and even hand cannoneers become machine gunners and especially siege gets crazy strong with that. The English need another unique unit, but other than that are very fine with what they have. The HRE, however, has broken mechanics and useless buffs that do not even come close to the effect and duration of the English or other civs. There is only the MAA. Nothing else. You might think the Landsknecht is in a good spot, but that is actually only you. The vast majority of the player base is very much convinced that this unit is trash. If its stats were to remain like they are, the unit’s cost would have to reduced by at least 50%. Then you could sell that unit to me. But even then I would still call it trash, as it just remains to be a 100% wrong interpretation of the Landsknecht and his role on the battelfield.

Landskenchte especially excelled against cavalry and infantry. The AoE 3 version of the Landsknecht is far from perfect, but so much more in line with what he actually did on the battlefield. The Landsknecht in AoE 4 is in the wrongest spot possible.


You can’t just leave the early game out of the equation, it doesn’t work. Usually you have to start with a plan, and early MAA and Ram pushes are extremely potent. Later on your buildings are sturdier and the 33% dmg reduction is nothing to sneeze at.

As are traders, 60 farms is binding 60 villagers, 60 pop means 60 less troops, the regnitz just has to exist and do the same thing while you free up pop. This is not debatable, 900 gold/min just for holding 3 relics is extremely strong.

Agreed, but I never send Landsknechte into an army that is backed up by mangonels, sadly the culverin is underperforming a bit in contrast to the springalds but I’m backing my army with anti-siege always. So I make sure to get rid of mangos as soon as possible. Because they are equally damaging to all my other infantry.

Interestingly, you can’t implement the correct interpretation because that would render every other unit useless, so it’s a balancing act.

Again, I don’t think a rework needs to be done except to the prelate. The prelate should be able to buff units more consistently or permanently like the tower of victory (or however it’s called)

Buff marching drills to 15% and affects prelates.

Remove the malice from stacking the 2 MAA UT.

Reduce cost of Landsknecht by 10g. And increase hp by 20 on elite. Dmg by 5 on both standard and elite.

Change the spearmen armour UT to +3/3, so affects both MA and PA.

Re-evaluate if needed. This keeps their infantry identity, while hopefully not overpowering them. Their ranged infantry will now be significantly faster than opposition so gain a lot more utility even if they aren’t stronger than other civs.

Prelates won’t slow done your army as much and helps in grabbing the much needed relics.


This whole thread ignores early game as it is solely about the whole package of the civ. And the early game is only good due to big numbers. Tune them down and the early game is terrible. This is all about civ identity and diversity. That’s the whole point of the thread.

Bombards laugh at any building. Elzbach doesn’t do ■■■■ when the opponent comes with a certain number of bombards. And again: A strong building does not remedy the fact that this civ offers nothing and has no identity.

Yes. It is very strong. But you act like you’d always get 3 relics in the cathedral. You don’t. Or maybe you do, but then it’s probably also low mmr meaning that many mistakes are made by both players. In that case the Regnitz cathedral can decide games. Definitely.

The English, however, always get their bonus and they can monitor it accordingly. They also do not necessarily need traders and thus free up pop. They can also turtle themselves in completely while being economically competitive as farms give them gold and the market can do the rest. The HRE can do so as well, but is much less efficient at that even with a 3/3 Regnitz. The Regnitz cathedral alone is not enough to constantly produce gold units in the lategame. It is very good, but it does not make you independent from gold. You need to trade as well once all the gold mines are empty. But you do not need to go heavily into trade.

Please do not act like the Regnitz cathedral is always being built with already 3 relics inside. A good opponent will always contest the relics. And what is the Regnitz worth without any relic? Exactly. Nothing.

Mangonels are just in general a big problem for HRE as they mostly focus on infantry since there is nothing else they are strong in. Which is kinda my point. If you make one mistake, you might lose a bunch of your army. Any other 100+ gold unit can take several shots. It just is not balanced. The ressources you pay for the Landsknecht never pay off. He is too weak for his price. Much too weak.

I don’t think you have to make the Landsknecht into the opposite of what he historically was. He does not have to be an auxiliary wimp to be balanced. They just didn’t try to give him the role he deserves. For some reason they wanted him to be a glascannon with emphasis on the glas part. It is their design choice and has nothing to do with balance. If you do the HRE masteries, you can read up on the Landsknecht. Everything you read there is not displayed in the slightest in the actual game. Why make this the unique unit for the HRE if you completely ■■■■ him up and make a fantasy unit out of him although you have the historical background and the will to be historically accurate? It feels like you try to defend nonsense for the sake of it being designed this way, when in fact it just doesn’t make any sense and actually goes against the promise and premise of the game.


Everything you are implying is heavily leaned towards balancing issues, which I agree, need attention.
However asking for a rework is too early. Considering that the first balance patch has yet to arrive, I wouldn’t be so quick on calling HRE a bad civ.

The whole package inlcudes the early game, deal with it.

I don’t know what kind of games you play, but bombards are hardly massed in the games I play. Sure if everyone is booming and then come down to a big finale, then you will see a lot of stronger units massed.
But sure, mass bombards are a problem to everything, not just the Elzbach Palace.

You assume a lot, considering that a fully stacked regnitz isn’t even a rare thing for higher mmr casted games, which feature the HRE.

But you are absolutely right, those relics have to be received first or it is a useless Landmark, for sure.

This is the kinda mindset that gets you defeated, if a civ has a strength, you never fully lean into it. You still have to have a good army composition. So build siege counters and be wary of mangonels, this isn’t hard to achieve honestly.

Well he is efficient against pikemen and he is lightly armored, those aspects are correct.
But I feel you, the Landsknecht should actually be the focal point of that era and thus the unit of choice.

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I hope the HRE does get a boost to their infantry movement speed, but also perhaps a boost to their archer or crossbow reload rate. Been playing starcraft again recently and being able to micro step stalkers away from melee and ranged is such a good feeling. Chinese and HRE feel the most similar to the Protoss due to their eco and boom. While also being slow. I hope they mimic more mechanics from them.

I feel like they should be the ultimate counter to trash units. Being able to counter anything which doesn’t cost gold while having that AoE attack. Should make them faster to catch up to archers and perhaps be able to deal unique bonus damage to all units who don’t cost gold. Horseman, Archers, Field Siege, Villagers, and of corse Spears. Obviously they should be vulnerable to ranged attacks and static defenses, but should be able to close the distance vs archers letting them trade a bit more effectively.

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In my view helmbarte upgrade should be added to HRE spearmen line as a Age3 upgrade, even though extra gold cost will be incurred, that upgrade will raise some base attack and provide ample bonus against heavy units(can be even more in Age4).

Reichsritter upgrade can also be added to HRE knight line in Age4, and that upgrade allows them to swap swords to maces for extra anti-armour splash damage they can deal after their lance charge…and bring them extra armour from Gothic harnesses of course.


So hre relics can be placed in multiple diff bldngs… but which are better for what?

Maybe the problem here is that artillery and siege in general is overtuned. All in all it is too strong. The springalds are getting nerfed, that much is sure. But bombards might remain the way they are. One can only assume. And there should also not be a meta that is countering mass siege with mass scouts, because they have torches and cost next to nothing. There is a lot to be done and siege in general needs attention. You can’t have 100% accuracy 200 dmg oneshot machines in this game, while anti-siege is also anti-personnel. This is too much.

It’s the only viable option for HRE if the game is not sure to be ended in early castle age. The Regnitz is the way to go. And the way you go is pretty clear for you and your opponent. This reddit post here also focusses around the HRE design. It compares Rus to HRE, meaning a good design vs a bad design. And I agree with most of the sentinments there. The HRE just feels less polished. And that is true in every regard of the civ.

This is more of the whole reason why this thread exists. I complain about the HRE having only the MAA garnished with some unique stuff. And to some extent the age IV spearmen, but that doesn’t matter as +3 melee armor for them is barely noticeable.

Just look at the civs:

  • HRE has 100% baseline archers (10% more movement speed is all they get, which is not enough)
  • Their cav has nothing special, they have baseline stats. Every other civ has something for their cav and most importantly goes BEYOND their core strength
  • The HRE has nothing for artillery
  • The MAA are acutally the only unit for HRE that are not baseline, but somehwat special
  • Every other civ has something:
    • Mongols have stats improvements on siege, infantry, cavalry and monks (shamans), their Mangudais have unique upgrades. Their infantry can also build springalds and mangonels in the field. They kinda have everything except walls.
    • The English have stats improvements for MAA and several upgrades for their longbows. But they are also supposed to be under the influence of the castle of networks most of the time, improving all their units. Every English unit actually attack 25/50% faster than the baseline unit. That just downright improves everything,
    • The French have better knights, better crossbows, better artillery, better ships, better horsemen… The only units that are baseline for them are some siege units, archers, MAA, spears and HC. Every other unit is better than baseline. Plus they can build every unit for a cheaper price when production is linked to a castle.
    • The Rus have better knights, better horsemen, better hand cannoneers, better siege (13,5 range springalds are > than slow moving, slow shooting, way more expensive culverins), they have much better monks and unique techs for all their unique units. The Streltsies actually have sc2 marines stimpack… It is mental.
    • The Abbasids have an easy to use cav debuff improving their own cav in a cav vs cav battle, an easy to use infantry buff, better infantry altogether (15% hp for every infantry), can build springalds and mangonels on the field, their archers shoot faster, the spears have the best spear upgrade in the game, the Camels have several unique upgrades
    • The Chinese have so much unique stuff, but also need some help. Let’s just say they have an insane late game, many unique units of which some underperform and some overperform and many unique techs. Thanks to Ming not a single unit will be stuck with baseline stats ever.
    • The Delhi have better knights, better monks (speed, age II techs, healing buffs), better MAA (better knights and MAA are in one single tech btw, outperforming the double MAA tech of HRE just going by quality per upgrade. I talked about that in an earlier post), some weird mechanic improving infantry attack speed, forced march for all infantry which is actually pretty insane, Elephants with unique upgrades (the tower elephant is actually very decent, yet heavily bugged as he does not benefit from all the upgrades)
    • And what does the HRE have that goes beyond baseline stats? Two MAA upgrades, one pathetic spear upgrade and 10% more movement speed for infantry. That’s it. There is actually only MAA that go beyond baseline. Even the prelates are not better at anything, they are mere monks if you ignore the inspiration button, which again sucks for military.

Every other civ has more beneftis to their units than the HRE has. That is why I also do not care too much about early game in this thread, because it is about the whole package. The HRE is a generic infantry civ that has no other strengths that really deserve mentioning. The comparison is pretty clear on that. You get a standard aoe IV sceleton with the HRE that only has MAA that are special. Nothing else is.

All the civs also have their own unique eco upgrades and many civs become eco powerhouses. The HRE is not the only civ that has power options in that regard. The Regnitz is very strong, but also very weird as it limits the HRE options. Going lategame without a stacked Regnitz never ever is a win condition. And with a stacked Regnitz you can only build baseline units and some nice MAA. That is it. It’s unfinished and boring. And I want it to be finished and fun.

On the Landsknecht we seem to agree to some extent. We both think he needs help. Let’s leave it at that. :slight_smile:


When I play other civs, I feel their bonuses but when I play hre, I dont feel any bonus :slight_smile:


Im at the semifinals in the genesis tournament. Chineese and HRE are not represented at at all. Most of the games are either french mirrors, mongols or Rus and some abbasid, english. Was fun to see some play Dehli very good thou.

According to the roadmap there are no big uppdates coming to HRE sadly. The lack of response from the devs make me think that they just dont care about this civ. Me and my friends have pretty much stopped playing the game beacause we all feel like so many civs feels unfinished and onedimensional.

I want to like the game but my enthusiasm for the HRE is now just frustration and dissapointment.

Gonna contunie to watch games but i dont think im gonna play until most of the issues are fixed


Holy Roman Empire

  • Emergency Repair influence ability cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds

Holy Roman Empire

  • Buildings constructed within the Influence area of the Palace of Swabia can now use the Emergency Repairs ability
  • Garrison weapons have been added to the Palace of Swabia
  • The Elzbach Palace can now activate the Emergency Repairs ability while in range of the Holy Roman Empire Influence
  • The Elzbach Palace now correctly receives a 33% damage reduction
  • The Prelate has been added under the Feudal Age Town Center in the Holy Roman Empire Tech Tree
  • The ranged armor of Holy Roman Empire Keeps has been reduced to match other civilizations
  • Prevented Two-Handed Weapons technology from giving Man-At-Arms units +15 health Two-Handed Weapons technology will no longer give Man-At-Arms units +15 health.
  • Depositing more than 5 Relics into Holy Roman Empire Docks will no longer increase Naval attack speed past 25%
  • Emplacements now have discounted Gold cost
  • Units and Technologies listed under the Palace of Swabia in the Technology Tree are now correctly aligned
  • Bonus damage provided by the Heavy Maces and Two-Handed Weapons Technologies now stack correctly

We got a nerf to a pointless mechanic, no prelate fix or overhaul. (Chinese got a buff to their tax collector). At least they fixed the weird MAA glitches :crazy_face:

But seriously, these changes don’t even fix the prelate bug. Im gonna remain in hiatus and go back to SC2. Still gonna be on the forums and watch related content creators, and maintain the community balance polls. Also apparently there is a new bug which makes Spearmen have infinite attack range via the phalanx research. My reaction to the game in its current state:


At this point, I can only think they don’t care at all about the HRE how can it be so essencelacking this civ? It looks like is the base from which they built any other civ