HRE vs Eng Late Game Infantry w/Network Bonus, Which is Better?

So fully upgraded English M@A are standard M@A +2 ranged armor and +2 melee armor, on top of which in the network of castles they get +25% attack speed (which seems to be a real +25%) attack speed bonus, and with it upgraded to the network of citadels upgrade I understand that jumps up to ~43% in game (as opposed to the +50% advertised).

On the other hand, fully upgraded HRE M@A are standard M@A +8 damage vs armor, +2 vs light, and with +10% movement speed.

Sadly this game doesn’t have any real good way to do unit testing, so I figured I’d give it a shot asking here. On paper, it would seem like the English M@A should be better. 17 attack * ~.43 = ~ 7.3. I don’t know how perfectly the attack speed bonus converts into a straight dps increase, so maybe this isn’t the right way to calculate it. But it would seem that the English M@A would be doing just over 7 damage more to both light and armored units, while also getting +2 more armor against ranged and melee. I would think that would mean that in almost all circumstances, fully upgraded English M@A would outperform fully upgraded HRE M@A, and that the English M@A would even beat the HRE M@A in a straight up fight (again, assuming the max network bonus). But does it work out that way in practice?

If true, that would beg the question of how they scale throughout the game in comparison to each other, but I think that might be putting the cart before the horse, as I am not sure this analysis it accurate to begin with.

Anyone have any thoughts or insights into this question? I feel like this should be a SOTL video lol.

English MAA are usually better when they have the network buff on, but that only really works near your castles/outposts. Also HRE MAA generally deal better with knights and enemy MAA better. since doing ~double the damage to armored units is better than situationally 50% attack speed buff. I’d say HRE MAA are usually better because of the movespeed and they are gnerally much better when England doesn’t get the network bonus.

Keep in mind attack speed gets less effective the more armor enemy has, so vs imp MAA or knights they are increasing their 9ish damage by 50% attack speed.