[HUD] Need resources or requirements?

It seems to me a big evolution of the HUD if there is some visual element in the thumbnails that differentiates if you can’t make a unit or tech if you don’t have resources or if you just don’t meet the requirements to make it.


If you can’t produce due to a missing upgrade the unit icons are dimmer than the rest.

sorry, in this printscreen example, which of the two icons is dimmer?

My apologies. I know only basic Portuguese.

I agree that there should be a visual difference between if you can’t train a unit because an Age up is required or because a tech upgrade is required.

For example, if there was a roman numeral “IV” on the icon that would help clearly communicate the unit can only be produced in the Imperial Age. The absence of this moniker would indicate a tech upgrade is required.

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On the first printscreen, the spearman cannot be made just for lack of resources.
On the second printscreen, the man-at-arms cannot be done as it is necessary to evolve to Era III.

I agree with you, I think the idea of putting the numeral “III” would really be an excellent solution!

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