Huge Frame pacing issues

I have a 3080 and an amd 5900x
If my game runs over 60 FPS panning the camera judders all over the place. Horrible clunky gameplay. Capping to 60 with the in game limiter improves the issue for now.

Also no multi core utilisation in dx12 ???

Please fix performance is so important to many of us.

Loving the campaign now I can pan without gouging my eyes out though great job on the documentary style cut scenes.


Hey there, thanks for the report. We’ll have our team look into this.

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Lots of people with same / similar issues in this thread.

It’s exacerbated too by the tree and texture models changing constantly as you pan around.
Maybe an option to tweak / disable the lod sensitivity might help.

Try going to camera settings and disabling pan acceleration. That helps some people.

i tryed that and still the same problem!