Huge issue - all settings revert to 0 and game broken

Game Version:

  • 101.101.32875.0
  • Platform Steam


Upon clicking a few buttons in the scenario editor and then settings, all the settings will revert to default or 0, the language swaps to Portugese (I think) and the game resets to windowed mode in a VERY small window. On top of that, reload the game and you will find that all unit/builiding icons are gone, and military units are only capable of attack move and nothing else.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Click Editor in the main meu
  2. Click Load Scenario (This also happened a second time when I clicked create Scenario)
  3. Click Menu and then options
  4. In options, under the hotkeys tab, click cancel
  5. All the settings will change and the game reverts to a small window

Note: This also did happen after I imported an old scenario from AoE 2 HD. It imported perfectly and nothing else was wrong. I had never done these steps before importing that save so I have no idea if it truly had any affect on anything