Huge problem with "attack move"

If you have units like axemen or mameluks micro gets really frustrating, because if you press the “attack move” button these units will not attack, they rather walk into the enemy troops and then attack from melee range. Its really suboptimal and annoying, because you rather select one target and a lots of dmg will go to the overkill or you eat a lot of dmg from melee units. Same goes with the “patrol move” btw.


Agreed units should attack immediately when tasked to attack move if they’re in range. It’s frustrating when they first spend half a second taking free hits.

Or are you talking about a problem specific to ranged melee units and would you not see the same problem with eg unupgraded CA?


Ive been taught to never ever use attack move (yet another stupid thing which people have just accepted in aoe2, along with FoW and foundation scouting)

Patrol has its flaws which they should fix. But its defo more reliable than attack move.

I use attack move a lot, because it’s what I generally want to do - have the units stop at a particular place rather than return to where they came from. I can’t recall seeing unexpected behaviour with it. I noticed a top player doesn’t even have a hotkey assigned to it, so maybe the idea it shouldn’t be used persists because people don’t use it and wouldn’t notice if it had been fixed?

I just tried the scenario described in the OP, by using attack move on some axemen against paladins, and they stopped and attacked as soon as they were in range, they didn’t “walk into the enemy troops and then attack from melee range”. I tried patrol and the behaviour appeared identical (the scenario ended before they reached their destination, at which point the behaviours would have differed). @Hasman182 can you share a video of them doing what you describe?

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same happens with CA :frowning:

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in 1v1s its often fine, but if you play a 3v3 or 4v4 with a little lag, suddenly this happens 100% of the games

Well that’s conclusive proof then.

You tried it once and everyone else keeps saying it’s bad. So you must be right and everyone else is wrong…

I mean all you need is for it to not work once or twice in a match and it could be gg. Like having your entire army march into the enemy while taking free hits…

Its basically what almost everyone wants to happen, but we don’t use it because it’s unreliable. So instead we use the inferior patrol

Does it depend on the distance between units when you issue the command?
For me it’s quite bad if the units are supposed to start attacking immediately, but if I attack-move them in from a long distance there are no problems.

As I said, I use it all the time rather than patrol and have never seen unexpected behaviour.

However, the OP has now clarified he is talking about team games, which I don’t play. This should be reported in the bug section with an example.

Never had any issues with attack move (unless I put units on no attack stance or aoe 2 occasionally ‘fixes’ pathfinding). I primarily play 4v4 teamgames.

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Mameluke became hard to micro when they added frame delay to the unit, in aoc it was 0 and it was easy to micro like kipchak, with the added delay the unit takes a lot of hits and it looks like it doesn’t want to throw the knife.

When they work I can see no difference between attack and patrol move (apart from the obvious ones obviously :blush:). There are very few times when units do stupid things and seems like they are less responsive, lag?

@SouMexican SouMameluke! You should make your own post about mames!? its like the 5th time or more already reading the same from you, its getting a little spamy…

OP missed addressing one thing. this issue is alot more evident when game lags, especially in a 3vs3 o 4vs4 battle and or there are laggers. basically killing off some units because they are unusable.

I think they need to address lag issue, which involves people having better hardware, and AI pathing.

giving constructive feedback… hardware is prob no go, AI pathing well on a 20 year old game… workaround they could do is to raise benchmark score to MINIMUM 1100 instead of 1000 for ranked games. and give options for non-rank hosts to set a minimum benchmark score filter to filter out laggers, period.

This reminds me another thread arguing the game is much less accessible for people who does not have good computer hardware.

I already did that, the devs back at rise of rajas didn’t care, cause simply old mameluke would rekt all the units they added in that expansion, specially BE that is the reason why the nerf them so bad.

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777 yeah! but the new mameluke still rekts all of those units!