Huns starting wood

The Huns starting with -100 wood is an issue for the civ and it should be changed to -50 wood. Here are my reasons why.

  1. -100 wood makes them maybe the worst civ on Nomad maps because they’re the only civ that can’t build a tc and a dock at the start. -50 wood would change that.

  2. new civs with powerful ecobonuses got introduced and make Huns feel less agressive than in years before. -50 wood would give them back their identity of early agression.

  3. Huns don’t have houses to wall and rely much more on palisades than other civs. The price change from 2 to 3 wood hurt them more than others. -50 wood would kind of remove that disadvantage.


They still have one of the higehst winrate at medium to high elo. So they don’t need buffs

this isnt a crazy buff for maps like arabia but it will at least make them playable on nomade.

I like the idea.

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Huns are amazing civ regardless of that. So I don’t feel we need to buff Huns. Wood saving on houses and CA in the cost of crossbow still very powerful. Also 8PA FU Tarkan is nightmare for archer civs.

Armor of house at Dark/Feudal age nerfed along with these changes. It means cannot build house as part of wall is not as significant disadvantage as before.