Huns Tarkan Buff

And time to kill matters less then survival. That’s why defense and health upgrades are researched before attack upgrades. Ergo. Staying alive is most important.

Also fyi knight may be 1.8 but paladin is 1.9. And if you’re comparing castle age well tarkans survive 60 shots to knights 40.

In castle age the knight will do +46% dmg more than the tarkans vs crossbows

It’s the same for paladins and tarkens

Again. Damage output doesn’t matter as much as survival. Why do you think attack upgrades are taken last? Go watch high level games. Always armor researched before attack. Heck I’ve seen many games where even Forging isn’t takien until late castle age

+46% mote damage out at the expense of more training time, costing more and 50% less survival.

After double checking the tarkans come out with close to equal numbers to the knights vs crossbows - so atm there isn’t much advantage except that knights take down the crossbows faster which is more valuable

And how did you perform your test?

You mean… you are SOTL? 11


tarkans are fine as is

and what do you see? 6 knights and 6 tarkans
this despite
6 knights taking 90 more gold total, and taking a bunch more training time. (21 seconds vs 30 seconds)
furthermore what else do you see?
so not only did the tarkans have more total health left, they cost less, and they trained faster too.
sounds like the tarkans win on all accounts except how fast they kill.

furthermore the next clip even shows 1 knight vs two xbows and 1 tarkan vs 2 xbows.
the tarkan had more health left, despite taking longer to kill. it also costs less. so tell me @HealFortress WHICH IS BETTER VS ARCHERS?

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I actually wonder why we don’t see tarkans as regularly.
Maybe the standard Huns comp fokussing on cav archers is just too strong, so Tarkans find only occasional usage (when you need to destroy lots of defences + faching arbs).

Most cavarly UUs have a quite hard stance atm as they often don’t really add anything really. Look at keshik, one of the strongest Units, if not even the best for it’s price, but yet still has a hard time in the current meta with tatars.
Look at boyar. Insanely powerful unit. Also need repeated buffs and I still doubt the last one will make them more viable.

Think Cav UUs just have a hard time currently.

And what happens when the opponent mixes pikes? The tarkens take longer to complete the objective and are vulnerable longer and that’s without micro on the archer player’s part.

hun cav archers say hi?

your argument was they aren’t as good vs archers as knights. your argument has been proven false. we already know they are worse vs melee. thats as intended.

your tests are so biased they don’t even give both sides equal resources.

They take longer, are vulnerable longer, attack slower and are much less capable than knights in terms of speed and efficiency vs military non building targets.

Tarkans were not designed to counter Archers. Tarkans were designed to counter buildings (odd, I know). Their high PA is primarily (per design) is to tank the shots from stone defenses. Coincidentally, this is also useful for tanking archer shots, but isn’t their primary use. Anyway, against Archer-line, just use Light Cav/Hussars (it’s more cost effective than throwing Tarkans at them). You’re welcome.

And yet they cost less and train faster and take less damage overall. Even your own biased as crap in favor of knights test showed that.

Tarkans weren’t designed to be anti archer. Thry were designed to wreck buildings.

Tarkans definitely don’t need buff. All they ever needed was being able to be created at Stables.

Personally I always prefer them over generic Paladins, except only in casual BF team games where none of my team has good Paladins.

That’s actually what wonders me most.
I think they should be even better in team games. But I never saw them used there.
Shouldn’t the extra pierce armor be eve more important in team games?
It’s just a bit weird, I think they should be exceptionally good team game units.

Tarkans take a lot to be massed properly since you need marauders, but even they are created slower here.
But I agree, they are fine.

It is but it’s offset by rge fact that they don’t hold up in melee as well.