Hunting Cabin Bug


I just wanted to confirm that I can reliably reproduce the bug first reported here: Hunting Cabin subtract your gold! huge bug please fix - Age of Empires IV / IV - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

sadly the thread got locked so I had to open a new one.
I started a game by myself on dry arabia european temperate biome. Micro size. No other players. I ran out and found a spot with nothing in the aura for the hunting cabin, no trees, no berries, no deer. Nothing. I built it and waited to see if any resources would go away. After 1 minute, I did in fact lose 6 gold. I did nothing else all game, my villagers were idle after building the cabin, it was purely a test case.

This was on a fresh install of the game, with files verified through steam.

Thanks @BlueDawnQi. I’ll close threads when no new info is needed so I know I don’t need to watch it. We’re pretty sure we know what’s going on with this one. Appreciate the report!