Hussar unit

It is huge historical mistake to put Hussars in Turk civ , Hussars fight with Turks against them it was east European knight ,Polish Hungary , check please

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Hussar is mostly just used as a representation, or a metaphor, for a civ having strong light cavalry armies. Sure Turks might not have had them, but i’m pretty sure Mongols didn’t have knights either, and Mayans didn’t use crossbows, but those units are just used as generalized representation of those types of units, since every civ has the same looking generic units.


No video game these days is based around total historical accuracy. Stupid comment. Turks have Hussar for balancing purposes. Vikings never used Knights but have them in their tech tree. Enough said.

Well good argument if there is lots of mistakes and completly opposite reality so more mistakes have rights to exist and if someone said otherwise it is stupid.
I dont even know how to comment it :)))))

Yes ok so green should be representation of sun and dont need to look like a sun when you paint a sun. And if even someone said that it is yellow not green so it is just representation so do not has to be connected .Yes right i forgot

No game is 100% historically accurate - after all, we don’t know everything about the past.
But then you have games like Total War Atilla, that makes aoe2 representation of history look like a joke (if you don’t take into considerations unit bugs and exploits, ofc).

At least make the Hussars graphically wingless. It will fit all civs much more better historically as a generic light cavalry.

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This. This so much.
I still am not over the fact they put wings on the the ■■■■■■■ magyar UU. Because everyone knows Hungary was actually called Little South Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth centuries before it formed.

And the wings are 100 years too early, btw. They are not a real thing during the timestamp of AoE2. Wings belong to AoE3 - in fact, germans can send 10 polish winged hussars from the HC in industrial age.

Magyar is just one Civ, think of all the other Asian and African Civs. Giving example of Magyar Huszar is just too bad of an excuse to prevent fixing ALL other civs which look bad with winged hussar…

Exactly. What i meant to say is that they not only messed with all civs, but they also made an wrong skin in purpose for an already existing, accurate unit - without any historical backing whatsoever to it.

The designers from Medieval 2: Total War resisted putting wings in the polish faction, to avoid misinformation. Meanwhile, AoE2 designers are like “you get wings, and you get wings, EVERYONE GETS WINGS!”

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Well, if you remove the Hussar’s wings then you get a lightcav with a different helmet. There are people outta there who have trouble distinguishing knights from scouts, so I let you imagine what would be the effect.


Considering light cav and hussars have little difference in the stats (+15hp, +los, small tweak in attack rate) i don’t see it as a big deal. Also, something about the design could always be made to add difference.
And keep in mind, it’s all about getting used to hussars without wings. Back when DE came out, you had people bitching about HCA looking like all kinds of stuff, but the discussions on the matter fadded away when we got into 2020, without changes to skins or anything. People simply learned again what the skins meant.

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