Hussite wagon should be pulled by horses!

Why is a wagon not being pulled by a horse! I get Mangonels, Rams, Scorpions and Trebuchets aren’t manned, but they were designed a long time ago and their design works being unmanned. I think the Hussite wagon should be pulled by a horse. It looks strange driving around. Maybe it can have a weakness to pike’s if it is pulled by a horse? If that doesn’t make it too weak. Historically they were pulled by horses. ( I know other siege units were too, but it just looks weird for a wagon.) It would be like the Korean war wagon just gunpowder and of all of its extra features–such as the blocking ability which I think is really cool.

It should be pulled by two horses as well to emphasize the weight and size of the Hussite wagon.

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You’re right that Hussite wagons were historically pulled by horses, but these horses weren’t present in combat. The wagons would be deployed in a strategic location to form a makeshift fortress and horses would then be sheltered inside it. So, to simulate the historical combat situation of the Hussite wagon, I think it makes sense not to have horses present.


Little humans are inside the wagons doing the hard work, there is no need for horses!


what, like the flintstones?


Yeah, I agree, that would be cool

ooooh! SO!

THey could. have a 'deploy" option like the trebuchet. The deploy would enact the aegis protection for units standing behind.

You should ALSO be able to transport troops in the unit which would increase the secondary projectile amount.

Horses should be included when it moves and it should be able to fire the main gun and secondary on the move.

The only tweak would be to make it deploy so that the aegis would work.


Its nothing like the korean uu.

Who cares if there is a horse or not,you dont keep the horses while getting attacked realistically anyway.

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Yeah, an unpack option with horses present in transportation and absent in deployed mode would ensure more historical realism for the Hussite Wagon, but it would also make them very finicky gameplay-wise. Players likely would not even bother using them if the wagons had such a mechanic unless they were made excessively strong, which would introduce balancing problems. Also, the Sicilians and Burgundians were heavily criticized for their finicky techs and units so the devs probably did not want to go down that path again. I think they made the right choice in sacrificing some historical realism in favor of pragmatism regarding the Hussite Wagon.

There is actually a pretty informative video about Hussite Wagons and their historical, strategic use on YouTube:

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Ornlu just did a interview with the devs. They said they tried all this kind of stuff but it didn’t work, that’s how they came to the current design.

I think generally the design is fine, just needs some tuning.
I also think that there might be wrong calc of the actual bonus damage of siege, as I couldn’t really see the bonus damage of siege done to the hussite wagen, that should have been dealt.
Because onagers actually get insane bonus vs them, a few onagers should be able to shred them.
I just didn’t see it happening as you would expect it from that amount of bonus dmg.
And the main counter atm seems to be monks, which is weird, to say the least.

Okay, let me say that the reason that people disliked the burgundians and the sicilians wasn’t because they were “finicky” it was because they had and have obscenely ridiculously stupid one-time use powers that grants a signifanct amount of high quality units for very little.

Furthermore, these things really shouldn’t be in the game, it removes depth, decision making and planning, in many cases either offering a get out of jail free card or something that tips the balance well in your favour.

Re Hussite Wagon:

I hear you, it may make them harder to use and you’re right, they’ll become harder to balance.

I actually like that concept. But it should be a moderate powerspike comparable to some very strong unit upgrades like paladin if you already have 50 cav or something like this.

I think as a transitioning tech or a one time use “panic button” it could have a place in the game.

I like diversity as long as it is balanced.

The issue with HW is that they should work like trebs, packing and unpacking to an strategic place. Of course, the speed of packing/unpacking shoud be faster than trebs… it is really weird see this huge wagon moving and riding…

This isn’t AoE3 .[Char Lim]