Hussite Wagon

Now, after the premise that I don’t think this unit is very good, as most pros would agree, mostly while being a good unit it takes way too many resources to mass a reasonable amount AND win with it in an even game (same problem of Organ Gun basically, the unit is strong but you can’t get good numbers with Castle age eco), I still think it has decent potential when massed. The problem is that, given equal resources, a pure Hussite Wagon comp still loses to many units, among them:

  • Knight line
  • Magyar Hussar
  • Eagles
  • etc.

I am trying to come up with a unit composition that would be efficient for Hussite Wagons. Halbs come to mind, but Halbs don’t counter everything in my list so I am open to other suggestions too.

I am also curious what you guys have used to make your Hussite Wagons work, both in 1v1 open/closed maps and in team games. Share your thoughts please :slight_smile:

Wagon-pike for magyar huszar and knights
Wagon-hand cannon for eagle
Wagon-trash monk for onagers or bombards (in very closed maps TG houfnice is also possible)

Don’t trust me on open maps. I haven’t won a single game with Bohemians on open maps yet :flushed:

Hussite Wagon+Halb and Houfnice, at least in Arena is extremely powerful and in TG you can even 1v2

Hmmm, I wonder if against cavalry civs is even worth to make the wagons, and not just simply go halbs+arbs/houfnices

What I dislike about Hussite Wagons is their inability of shooting moving targets.