Hype for big announcement October 25

Are you hyped too?
8 days to go…

Only 7 more days to go.

Just for fun, here’s a random prediction of October 25’s programme.

  1. AoE4 for Xbox Series or Xbox Cloud Gaming (30min) →

  2. AoE1DE annual update 2022 (2min) →

  3. Age II DE '22 autumn update (5min) →

  4. Age II DE DLC tease (30s) →

  5. Age III DE '22 October update, already released (2min) →

  6. Age III DE DLC tease (30s) →

  7. Age of Mythology DE (5min)

Hint for AoE4 on console and/or cloud:


Considering how much Microsoft seems to always put AoE 4 on a pedestal despite its popularity alwasy behind its legendary predecessor AoE 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to reveal a paid DLC this time for AoE 4.


Hey, look at this. It’s AoE2DE for Xbox One & Xbox Series.


Good to see the game is expanding in platform but I hope for new expansion DLC.

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Roadmaps for all games from Age of Empires series!!!

New subseries about 19 and 20 centuries - Age of Wars!!!

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Culture Specific Graphics DLC announcement for AoE2 DE.

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no matter where you prefer to play

Nice AoE for Smart Fridge confirmed!
I mean XCloud runs everywhere so I guess yes.

There used to be a separate console and mobile version of AoE2 back then and I think for AoM and AoE3 at last a mobile version.

Rather underwhelming. Even the AOM:Retold reveal. No gameplay, nothing. Just a CGI video.