Hype for Sultans Ascend

Based on the trailer and screenshots I’m really hyped to play the Sultans Ascend Campaign. The Artwork Is beautiful, The narrator has a nice voice, the story has a lot of potential to be engaging and immersive. I have high hopes for the actual missions to be well done too.
Both Byzantines (Romans) and Japanese Civs look beautiful. The Japanese have interesting looking units and mechanics. There is not much revealed about the Byzantines, but their aqueducts, cisterns, and flamethrowers are good representations of the Romans technology and culture. i’m pretty excited about the new resource and their mercenaries I think that could function similar to the consulate available to the AoE 3 Asian civs.
I expect the expansion to be very well done based on the information that has already been released.


As I understand it, the new resource is olive oil and it is used to build the flamethrower battering rams…

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That would be an interesting mechanic.
When I did a google search for it i could only find a deleted reddit post.

One piece of content I would like for the next season or the future would be cooperative scenarios against the AI, you would play with your friends to face a scenario created against the AI, a completely modeled scenario with its unique characteristics and objectives!! The hype for the new expansion or DLC is huge. The more single-player content, the better… I mean, next season, the sixth season!


That’s purely speculation.

Nothing official has even hinted at that.

It could just as easily be water somehow related to the aqueducts. Or something else.

We don’t even know what the ingredients were for Greek fire.

Water huh?

I have always wondered if water could be a fifth resource for all civs, and condition them to look for water sources to survive. A mechanism like this would be interesting, not for general purposes of course, but for a new “type of game”, just as regicide exists. Force yourself to build water “fountains”, or obtain them from rivers or lakes. And on “desert” maps limit your access to few sources to create more pressure.

Regarding another possibility: if we consider the mercenaries and how they are paid, will it be honor? Although in theory “Honor” or fervor would suit the Vikings (or in the future possibly the Norwegians, Danes and Swedes) better. Still, it is interesting because it inspires us to create concepts for new civs with a 5th resource, without fear that it will not be possible.

Anyway, only time will tell what the interesting fifth canon resource of the Byzantines is, and if any of the other 4 new variants will also have new mechanisms that will impact us hehe.

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Maybe. Ha I just threw that out as another possible example. The aqueducts may very well not have the unique resource tied to them.

Yeah I would not be surprised if it is something specifically tied to the mercenaries.

Mercenaries could just be high gold cost units, but that’s not very unique considering we have Farimba already.


Farimba doesn’t recruit unique units from other civs though.

Oh I know. I’m just talking about the concept of units that cost purely gold, which would be a logical way to do mercenaries. Which they may still do and I think that would be fine. Or they may introduce some new mechanic to acquiring them.

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They could also serve for a limited time like 10 minutes then disappear.

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Yeah true. Good point. I’m very curious to see how they implement it.

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