I also want to discuss ABBEY of Kings

it too difficute for use .i have a very Interesting idea suggested for you.

When you built the ABBEY of Kings. Each unit will have a skill to “recycle” and return resources to the player.Of course Uint needs to walk into the ABBEY of Kings. There will also be an immediate production queue in Kings Abbey.
Let’s discuss how to change it,And your opinion.

  • Unusable and should be changed unless age 2 has knights. Strengthen it, and it will remain so
  • only strengthen

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It seems that the new abbey of the pup work quite well. It’s a defensive landmark to heal vills that also work well with horsemen that can raid, and then get back to healing.

True, when compared to scholars and prelates it’s still worse overall, but it also free.

Maybe it should just be able to train monks and garrison relics in the age 3, without any special effect about it.

It would add the benefit of not needing 200 wood for a monastery and it would help to better contest relics against civs like HRE or rus.

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I like this idea, can be very interesting!


Yeah, I too like age 2/3 landmarks that aren’t completely useless on the late game, especially if they give you a building that you should anyway get sooner or later.

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WoTaiNanLeYaAge Insider


in the late game time ,the knight no time get back home for heal.
only age2 knight can strick and needs to go back for treatment.

In fact the abbey is an age 2 landmark, and it’s best used with horsemen, other than making raiding English more difficult. And it also help on early castle with the first knights.

It could be good, go for the abbey, boom with farms, and the get to fast castle into knights. Or just go heavy for horsemen.

I don’t see why in the late game the knights should get back to heal when you can bring monks to the battle.