I am done About all bugs

1- Macthmaking bugs are annoying everytime find people but it stuck on matchmaking menu.
2-Game make matchmaking the game is 4vs4 but we have 3 people (again game drops)
3-Game starts apparently game shutdown itself and there is no error.
4-Matchmaking error 10 i dont know what it is. The new error.

Last days i try to play aoe but my 10 matchmaking of 9 is crushing or never starts the game.
I made all my drivers updated i thought it might my pc is not updated but it is not about my pc at all.

I am gonna stop playing until you fix these problems.

exact the same first time it gave me in 43 sec


Agreed. Can i get a refund for the game?!


I’m seriously thinking in request a refund.

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I have the same exact issues since the last update.

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This game is dead, im very sad really. Developers and its bosses launched an inmature game and they have no qa neither a good team of developers and leaders after each patch, they think this game is league of legends but devs must understand we are a huge community and an extremely loyal one, we only want the basics running thats it!.

Microsoft only made this to make some money, thats is the reality and does not give a ■■■■ about the community, they disrespect us as the biggest and longest game community ever.

This game will last at least 6 months now, all community will end up on voobly or hd again, this game was a great idea but executed like 2 noobs developers.

I will retire from this sadly, i enjoy every minute of this game but is time to move on and have a life i can not even enjoy a single game after work to go away for al least one hour for all the ■■■■ that life really is.



The devs are unqualified and incompetents!


Same thing happenning here. And there isnt any response from the support!

yes i got 3 people in 4 vs 4 game in matchmaking menu. there it is.

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dev need to stop shoving updates down our throat. with EVERY update, there should be an option to revert back. once we tested the update and it has many issue then we can at least reverse and still be able to play, this is a joke.

We may not be able to play the game, but at least we have auto-scouting sheep!