I am done. At least for a little while. At least till they fix pathing

Black forest game. I was clicking on the second house. Look at that villager, running around like its head cut off.

This is a situation where pathing is vital. Those 5 seconds cost me a ton in the early game. Why did the vil not just tap the house diagonally? wtf is happening with the pathing?


And to make things worse, the game lost connection halfway through the game, and it stopped. I love this game, but this experience is just awful.


I’m not sure if this works consistently, even before all the pathing regressions. Maybe chop that straggler tree. But yeah it’s so tilting I would rage quit.

Till they fix pathing? You might wait for a decade or two.

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This will be pretty cool civ bonus. 11

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Naah, I’m too much of an addict to quit now 11
I will keep looking for other options though, as always

A workable version of this could be “villagers can pass through friendly buildings, except walls”. Still won’t fix everything, but could be interesting.

I thought this civ is called Parthians 11