I am grateful for

Hello there Age of Empires IV community!

Firstly, I want to express my sheer admiration and gratitude to the developers and the entire team behind this brilliant expansion. Shout out to the content creators, pros, and all the AOEIV community. The quality, detail, and sheer amount of content have surpassed most of our expectations.

I am grateful for:…

  • I am grateful for the 10 new maps that provide diverse terrains and strategic gameplay.
  • I am grateful for the 2 new captivating biomes that refresh and redefine the AoE environment.
  • I am grateful for the introduction of Japan, a civilization rich in history and warfare.
  • I am grateful for Byzantium, an empire that held its own through centuries and has so much to offer in terms of gameplay.
  • I am grateful for the new mechanics that have enriched the gameplay and strategic depth.
  • I am grateful for the enthralling new campaign which immerses us into another chapter of history.
  • And, I must say, the price of £12 is a fair gesture, given the content quality, and I am certainly grateful for that.

And now….

What am I not grateful for?

The new variant civ names… they are just awful…

Now, while I hold enormous respect for the decision-making behind this expansion, there’s a tiny area that feels a bit off to me – the names of the new civ variants. They somehow don’t align with the grandeur and authenticity that Age of Empires has always upheld.

For instance:

  • Jeanne d’Arc: While I understand the significance of Jeanne d’Arc in history, naming a whole civilization after her feels a bit out of place. Instead, “Orleans” would offer historical depth while maintaining the essence of Jeanne’s contribution.

  • Order of the Dragon: It sounds more fantastical than historical. Rebranding it as the “Teutonic Order” or even “Luxembourg” might align more with historical fidelity.

  • Empire of Jade: It seems a tad generic. Perhaps referencing a specific Southern Chinese dynasty or region, like “Canton,” would add more depth and context.

  • Sultan’s Army: It sounds more like a military division rather than a grand civilization. Names like “Mamluk Sultanate” or “Ayyubids” might be more apt, giving the variant a broader historical scope.

To conclude, I want to reiterate my immense gratitude for this expansion and only hope that my feedback is taken in the constructive spirit it’s meant. Let’s keep making Age of Empires IV an exemplary game in the strategy genre!

Warm Regards,

Your friend

-Sherman King


What? Are you just watched Age of Noobs video? Do you even watch it? 4 of the name is just made up name. The name of 4 variants is not confirmed yet.

The 4 names come from the store page on the XBox console. Age of noob just made up the flags, not the names.


We will see how this variant civs concept will be implemented. Right now we have almost no info.

Those names only appear on the pre-release store page and an edited image by Age of Noobs to demonstrate how those civs work. And he’s under NDA.

So probably those names are still teasers instead of actual civ names.

I hope they are.


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Hear that devs? Many people think they are “placeholders”, they are totally “placeholders” right?


look it is not a placeholder :frowning:
it is official…


The five stages of grief…