I am new to Betas and such how does it work?

Do you have to pre-order the game, or do you get a limited version of the game or better yet even given the game?

you have to sign up as an age insider (which you already did) to participate in the beta which will be sent to certain chosen people randomly (which depend on the person pc configuration.) the beta key will be sent to the chosen person email.

however the beta isn’t out yet but my anticipation it will be in E3 hopefully.


to answer the rets of your questions, you will get a pre-release version of the game with specific focus tests like multiplayer matchess only or a glimpse of a campaign mission to test. Not the full game, or files. You also will have to buy the game when it releases, no discount or anything.

basically you can just play specific parts of the game early


Well i am not a beta male so i can’t really help you XD

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