I am sick & tired of this game not working

Freezing. Freezing. Freezing.

I thought this was only an issue with the previous HD version. I was wrong and this issue still occurs even in the new definitive edtion.

I have a computer with very high specs. My online multiplayer experience with AOE2 DEF is garbage because the game constantly freezes every 5-10 seconds for 2-3 seconds.

The game freezes and lags then everything quickly speeds up on the screen to catch up.

Computer specs:

i9-9900k 3.6Ghz
64GB DDR4 Corsair RAM 3600
SSD M.2 Hard drive 2TB
2080-TI Graphics card

The entire system was around $7000USD at the time of purchasing.

Why on earth would this game require any higher specs than these?

I get 1370~ on the RANKED TEST. The RANKED TEST does NOT lag.

The game lags when I go online.

My internet connection is stable.

This is serious issue with this game and no one cares. I am absolutely astonished that Microsoft made this game because it feels like it was made by a small start up company.

While writing this I am extremely upset about everything obviously - I am praying that someone can help me fix this issue.

The game is unplayable. It is unplayable like this!!!


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