I am so sad none of the Delhi bugs got fixed this patch

Title basically.

I really don’t think I’ll play this game till Delhi bugs get fixed.

I am far from a good Player and I’m okay with however the balance team want to balance the civs. But I don’t want to play gamebreakingly buggy Delhi.

What I don’t like is that the Delhi bugs don’t even feature in the Known issues list.

Why are you guys so mad at Delhi?


They not mad.

Probably trying to figure out how to balance them, so they removed the things that we consider as bugs temporarily is my best guess. Like men at arms not receiving the attack speed bonus. A band-aid solution because they are too strong.

Otherwise they would have prioritized these said bugs. It’s an entire Civ with unique audio, animations, and artwork. They’ve poured so many working hours and money into it. They can’t be just sitting on it and letting it go to waste. I think they are trying to figure out a long-term solution.


I feel the same.

I haven’t played a single game since the previous update.
It just drains the fun out of the game knowing that the bugs exist.

There is also absolutely no communication about this from the team. It’s like we’re barking up a tree.
I’m probably not going to play until the spring update either…


I am just glad that there seem to have been no new delhi bugs reported since the new patch came out.

Honestly, Delhi is a lot better off now with the Siege nerf Elephants are actually viable right now and people don’t know how to deal with them. But u do have to end the game before imp. The Civs early game age 1 and 2 is actually better now u can compete much faster with better tec and use that advantage to capture sacred sides just a bit later and then in castle age your elephants are monsters in age 3 if your opponent dosn t has a mass of Xbows u just a move his base and he dies it’s kinda stupid and funny to do at the same time. Try it out, it’s a lot of fun and people don’t know how to deal with it yet since the siege nerf and also nobody is playing Delhi so u have that advantage as well.

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But I’m not really talking about balance.

I’m talking about:

  1. Keeps in influence of mosques have INCREASED research times. I think keeps are pretty important for Delhi since they can act as TCs, so this is a big bug.

  2. Hardened Spearman research time too long for a Feudal Tech.

  3. Tower Elephant attack not increased by blacksmith.

  4. Honed blades research time too long for a castle age tech.

  5. No clarification as to why Piety takes 11 min. I understand it’s available to other civs only in the Imperial age, but they should let us know.

… etc.

Now I understand that they may have intentionally made some techs longer to research even in earlier ages. But that should be in the patch notes.

If a “bug” is an intended balance change, I don’t wanna argue. The balance team knows better. But surely the keep thing is a bug, and I feel it should have been fixed.

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I stopped playing the game after they trashed Delhi. I was sitting on top 100 and now i dropped to 1000 with Delhi lol.
They took out all the fun from the game for me.

Thank God Total war warhammer 3 is coming out soon. I’ll switch to that. Not gonna sit and wait here for a spring balance patch in 6 months lmao

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Delhi is literally SO broken that if they put all the bugs in the know issues they would have to make 2 pages , delhi has +30 bugs and 2 useless landmarks by the moment .

Delhi needs or a HIGH BUFF or a redesign.

i would like to see all the delhi bugs fixed instead of a redesign btw and also a high buff + revert the delhi changes from the patch notes.

Dont be mad and dont get high expectations , it is going to take a while to be fixed.

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The reason I have such strong feelings for Delhi is that they are one of the most unique civs in the game, and so I end up just playing with Delhi. English, French, Chinese, HRE are a bit vanilla for me in terms of having not much new to offer than AoE3, which is the game I come from.

Clearly, having fun with the civs is my agenda. Climbing a ladder is not my cup of tea. I suck at it.

I pretty much bought the game for Delhi and Mongols and Abbasids (Golden Age is cool). And after buying I kind of like the Rus a little (interesting ways to use hunt). But Delhi is my favorite. I love all the unique things they have. I always end up playing Delhi. If Delhi is bugged, I feel like the game is gone.

You may think it’s weird and I should play other civs meanwhile, but no, I am very passionate about Delhi at this point. I look forward to a time when Delhi is bug free and elephants are viable units in Imperial Age.


i am also like you , a casual.

and delhi is my favorite also but lets be realistic , they are not going to be fixed soon

I’m just gonna do campaigns for now.

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For what it’s worth, the early game for Delhi did actually get buffed, and they seem to be countering even Mongols on hybrid maps at the pro level.

Clearly bugs need to be fixed, but they are still a viable Civ with all the bugs in place.

They’ll be scary once it’s all fixed.