I am so tired

Why there are so many noobs on gold III / platinum I?

Currently I dropped from Platinum to gold, first bc I lost many points when game crashed during loading. Then, I am always in team with noob that cannot play. For example in lats game (boulder bay) only I went for water, when my dock were rushed in dark age by their scouts, I asked for help, did nothing, didnt wall, didnt secure trade…

And i have plenty story like this. I am so mad. And dont even talk “play with firends”

Lol yep the team matchmaking is a complete joke. Just did a 4v4 with 3 Platinums and a non-ranked who was still feudal/making spears after 15 minutes. We tried to play shorthanded but you just can’t overcome it. Complete waste of time.

I’ve been in matches with golds/plats against a friend team of 4 Conquerors, rofl.

If you’re by yourself you’re screwed. Almost every game is against a coordinated team. Total waste of time.

A huge portion of the problem is the language barrier. I don’t understand why they aren’t matchmaking people based on region. I routinely get matched with players in Asia who don’t speak a work of English.

I understand the frustration that this may cause but at the same time you are playing with random teammates, with different skill levels and things like that without any proper way to communicate with each other like Discord so while I understand the issue with joining with random players it’s also very easy fixed by playing with people on Discord or another app like that to fix the communication problem and better adjust your tactics together.

If you are serious about climbing the ladder you should play through Discord to avoid issues like this. This is the same for any competitive game out there.

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the real issue would actually be that arranged teams are pitted against random teams
it was the same in the past, kinda hoped it would change here
blizzard i’m sure has had this solved for 20 years

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I agree that this is a big issue but also I think why they haven’t done that is to avoid long queue times for those who do arrange a team before joining the queue because most people play with random players I’d imagine.

probably ye, it would be extra effort, hardly worth it with only so many playing

I think that the “easiest” way to address this yourself is to play with people you know or get to know people from the community and practice playing together through Discord and joining as a team in ranked team games.

You cannot expect to always play with good teams by joining random ranked, because that’s simply not logical or possible.


What a shit excuse. So it is my fall when I randomly play as gold/plat with 3 other gold versus 2 diamond 2 plat?

The point still remains if you want to play seriously on ranked team games, you should go the extra step and play with either friends or get to know some people from the community and stay on Discord to practice playing as a TEAM.

Or continue to play with random people and pretend that it’s the same thing because it’s not the same. Just because they are gold doesn’t mean that they are good at playing as a team, maybe solo they are good but playing as a team requires different playstyles and tactics not being used in 1v1.

in 1v1 its just you filling the pool of units and roles, on your own, with team games its 1 player contributes lets say horsemen and the other archers, and so on, for anyone that needs further clarification on what the different tactics and playstyles are in team

Well when I’m really tired, I just take a nap, can recommend that a lot.
Worth a try?


You could consider yourself lucky if the game thinks you’re able to carry noobs vs top tier teams. Imagine if you got those same opponents on your team each game vs those noobs. Who would train them up to be pros if they didn’t get one on their team to learn from?

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