I am speechless - another hilarious situatiuon

Yes, I am mad. And I am very mad, and I have good reason for it.

So, since the last Xbox update (which I still don’t get what have to do with PC players) I experience some issues - a few times during loading of match I was kicked out of game, I lost ELO and I get punishment for quitting.

Now, I played one game, when it was over I started for looking another one, then I get a notice: “this account quite from queue… bla bla bla…” punishment - 30 minutes.

Like, WHAT?!! For what? Are you serious people?

I call every one of you to maki it loud, to bring developers to fix this…
It happens from week, only what we hear in respond is: we are tracking this issue" And, the ####, what? I am tracking this … also, and who get money for it? You. my money which I paid to can play your “game” which is a huge mess right now.

Edit: And you can’t even complain about it, because some snowflakes sees it as a violation of Code of Conduct


At least you can launch the game… I still can’t even see the main menu since the last update


The AoE2 community usually prides itself on being really wholesome, so being toxic/rude won’t do you any favors. Even if you’re upset (and I’m not saying I disagree), being diplomatic and polite about it means people are much more likely to agree with you.


I’m not toxic, I’m not rude, I only told what I think and what I experienced. I was looking to be very careful and polite, but when for so long this does nothing, what’s a point?

Your original version got quite heated in the final paragraph.


How much did you pay to access the service this month?

You can obviously upset about bugs in the game but the developers are also just humans.
Testing bugs like this is hard because you need to test it on many different computers and different networks even to figure out what is broken.
Just because because a bug is know doesn’t mean it’s known how to fix it.

And there is also a lot more other things involved. It takes some time to make a new build, test it and then distribute it over Steam and the Microsoft Store.

Yes same here. It seems that the maintenance take a bit longer than usual like two weeks

There is some mothly cost to pay on order to can play without bugs? NO. It works as a one-time-paid product. If they want other model, like a subscription, go on maybe finally we will have a stabile build, without no tested patches, but how many players left in this situation?

If you do a one time purchase you can’t expect a free online service forever. Also this is (hopefully) a temporary thing so you aren’t robbed at all. It just delays until you can play again.
You can’t call it a robbery.

I don’t say you don’t have a right to complaint but you are definitely overreacting.


Weird and unnecessary line to end things on.

I thought the ‘punishment’ on queue dodging was cumulative, so your first ‘ban’ is like 5 minutes, or is it immediately 30 now?

The first one is even for free. Iirc until you get 30 min you need to dodge like 4 times or so but tbh that sometimes can accumulate pretty fast. Yesterday night I apparently was in queue while the map pool changed and I got city of lakes which imo is just a waste of time so I altf4ed and since I had 2 crashes due to our beloved update the days before I got 10 min bans which still isn’t the end of the world. But after that I think it’s 30 mins at which point it gets really annoying but that’s mostly an issue if playing tgs I guess.

I was 5 min first time, few days ago, then for second one 8 min, then 30 min. Every time game crushed. Last time game didn’t crush, I started looking for games, then it stopped and I got this 30 min of break.

Indeed. A lot of things get count towards the 4 leaves, including games where an ally crashes and sometimes even games that dont start at all (if you close the game after 20min of loading screen).