I am very upset with the situation that there is no effect to change the technology state

There are five types of technology states : disabled, ready, not ready, researching and done. There are conditions to use these technology states but I cant find the effect to change these technology states. I can’t understand why?

Why would you need it? If you need a tech to be researchable multiple times I think you could make a looping trigger activating it every time it’s researched.

but I want to add extra effects to the technology, and the looping trigger just makes the technology execute it wont stop for the effect to be established, as though if I use the condition researching technology state, although if the user cancels the technology at 50% and restarts, now the effect is established twice for single time research, for as many x times as he cancels the technology the effects get established x times for a single time cost and single time research. This process is freaking me out.