I believe French (Task 5) Clever Commerce is buggy

I sit there in age 2 with my market (earned by reaching age 2) in the corner spamming traders to the furthest ally. I then spend a ton of time on age 2 as said traders no doubt accrue > 2000 of gold (have tried switching them to others as well). Of course there’s no way to tell— but often each is hauling > 150 resources at a time— reaching 2K should easily be happening.

Yet I can’t earn this— I think this is a bug.

I have earned that one but it’s very difficult to do without in game counters lol as with most :slight_smile: I did put in a request for that and it sounds like it was put on the list.

I just do the math on how long it will take at that rate, then go AFK and add a couple minutes to it just to make sure.

Thanks I feel like I’ve gone above and beyond. I vowed not to try again but you’re making me want to see one more time…

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Totally my user error. I wasn’t deviating from gold. All done. Not buggy but a counter as a visual cue would be nice.