I bought the dlc but still locked :(

I bought the dlc but still locked :frowning:

oh bummer, did you buy it through steam? hopefully, it will unlock soon! maybe make a post in the bugs forum?

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i did it. its steam. now im reinstalloing steam and the game…

Restarted pc, reinstalled steam, uninstalled game with revo uninstaller, deleted the documents folder of the game… i think its server sided problem.

Dang that’s unfortunate. I know people on reddit have had some issues, but some were able to resolve by restarting the game. For certain the DLC itself downloaded?

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Make sure that the DLC is activated in properties under DLC for AoE4 so that it actually downloads it.


it is :frowning: i tried everything i know

Refunded :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: Maybe i will try in te future if the devs garantee my acess to that content

such a bummer you had to go through that, I hope the devs can resolve it in the future.

i bought it again and its working case closed


For future problems of this type, post some screenshot of what happened:

  • Be the receipt of the purchase of the expansion.
  • Capture of the web page with the “Purchased” or “In your library” announcement
  • Whether it appears in the download queue or not.
  • Capture the part that is not allowing the content to be installed, purchased, played.

This way we can help more or have a better idea of where the problem is to solve it. Take care.