I bought the game but it's not released yet.... what

Hello, yesterday I bought the AOE DE and AOE 2 DE bundle and I installed the first game, but the second it says that it will be released on 14th november and I cant download it. How can that happen, considering that it was released in 2013 and I’m pretty sure the game is up and people are playing it?

Age 2 HD was released in 2013. Age 2 DE will be released on November 14th.

ah ok. So which version is the base one, DE or HD? Is HD and upgrade of DE or ive-versa or is it a completely different game?

AOK / AOC was released almost 20 years ago, basically the original game we played on the MSN Gaming Zone.
Age 2 HD was released in 2013 and is basically an improved AOC /w community patch.
Age 2 DE is the new improved Age 2 HD and will be released on November 14th.

So If I want to play HD, what would I have to purchase to play it with all the expansions untill Rise of The Rajas? If I have purchased AOE + AOE2 DE, If I want to purchase AOE2 HD I’d have to buy the AOE2HD bundle for 40 euro or just the 2 expansios african kingdoms and rajas?

If you want to play Age 2 HD you also must purchase Age 2 HD. If you want to play one or all of the DLCs, you must purchase Age 2 HD first and then the DLCs you want to play. Does this make sense?

Yea man, ty for helping, Ikinda don’t understand so I’ll break it down
you have the following
AOE 2 2013
AOE 2 African DLC
AOE 2 Rajas
all for 40 euros
And then you have AOE 2 DE, which is a completely different game and I still have to spend 40 euros the above 4 AOE2 DEs?
So its a completely standalone game, like a special edition and it’s not an expansion of the AEO 2013?

Correct. Instead of fixing HD, we are supposed to purchase the game again. :confused:

This is also why I created this thread:

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Age 2 HD and AOE 2 2013 are the same game by the way. They renamed it because of the Age 2 DE release on November 14th.

Ok man, thanks for the help and patience, all these steam microsoft editions stuffs got kind of confusing for me and I´s difficult for me today to think

AoE 2 DE is a rerelease of the game like HD, but with many additional fixes and features. HD (or Age of Empires II 2013 as it’s now called on steam) will not receive any significant updates anymore after the DE is out.

You do not need to buy HD at all, the DE contains all content from HD as well as some new civs and campaigns. You only need to wait a bit for release.

Ahh so it gets the new expansions like the rajas, africa etc. , all of the HD features, it’s like a new edition of it?

Yes, that’s exactly it.

The HD version was released in 2013. AOE2 Definitive Edition != AOE2 HD.

Which one would you like: 1. A fixed version with new graphics and gameplay teaks 2. A fixed version with old graphics

I would have preferred a fixed HD version of the game and expected to get DE features as DLC. I never expected that I would have to buy the same game three times, just to get a working version eventually.

Consumer society I guess… I hope I lucked out, it’s my first purchase…ever…

Some of us already play this game for 20 years. :wink:

That’s including me too. I just love these 2 games, there’s no way in ■■■■ i’m paying 30 euros for a video game, I haven’t even bought or played GTA 5 yet… go figure
And also the fact that I hear that Bulgarians will be a new civ WITH a campaign in DE makes me even more comfortable with my decision … and just one bit satisfied with our modern state, although it’s still just an historical achievement that contributed to it

Well then you are missing a lot…
If you don’t pay for games even if they are great, well…

Basically it’s compatible with the original game saves and mods too…