I bring suggestions regarding Civ picks

I played this game on my brother’s PC when I was little I got last year and have been playing nonstop since. Me along with my friends just love to play TG on quick play.

We started doing random civ about a month ago and I saw some ways the game could improve quite a lot.

So, the current options are fine as is. People who love the current options are definitely going to be the majority. But I think they could add some new features to the civ selection.

First Suggestion: Random Except Selected

It is quite self explanatory. You ban some civs you don’t want to play other than that it’s random. Like, some people might not be good with the Chinese build order and would exclude that from the random selection.

Second Suggestion: Random From Selected

You pick a list of civs you’d like to play, and the game select one randomly from the ones you picked.

Please give me your valuable feedback on this and any future suggestions would be appreciated.

I bring much needed change, need an internship ;-; hire me FE 11111


you could probably create a small website/command function etc that lets you do this, but would be nice to have in the game

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