I broke something (learn from my mistake)

When I wanted to rename my mod, I messed around with duplicating the mod folder and manually renamed stuff.

Didn’t think it would work well and it didn’t. Unexpectedly, this broke something somewhere with the whole Content Editor on my PC and now anytime I make a new mod with that name and simply build it, the mod won’t show up in-game. Only the name is the issue, same steps with a different name works every time. And the original mod is still working as well. Just that name is a problem, and the name worked fine before I messed around with the mod under that name.

A full reinstall of the game didn’t fix it so something broken is cached somewhere. I went with a different name for the rebuild and rebuilt the whole .rdo by hand which worked. But yeah something is still super broken with the editor.

Oops that why we do the beta.