I can start the game


I have install Age of Empire Definitive Edition there us 3 days ago. Now i can start this game, this application don’t want begin.

Who can help me ?!


Hello FuZZion7620, welcome to the forums!

Could you provide further explanation on your problem?

Is your problem regarding the Definitive Edition of the original Age of Empires or the Age of Empires II one? In what platform you’ve bought the game? Is your Windows 10 up to date? Do you run any antivirus on your machine? If so, make sure to whitelist the game.

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My problem is on Age of Empire 2 Definitive Édition. I have install this game on the Microsoft Store. I have updated Windows 10 just begining my download. I have a antivirus Avast, but i have added Age of Empire on my Wright List.

Thanks for advance.

Best Regards.


Could you try to unninstall Avast and disable your firewall to run a test?

Aside, you can try to update Visual C++ and run the troubleshooting tool for Microsoft Store.

Also, do you mind sharing your setup specs?

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Ok no problem, after my work, i will try to uninstall Avast.

And apply your manipulation, i will send the result and my configuration at 7pm.


I have uninstall Avast, repair and reinstall the game.
Fin troobleshooting. But i can’t always play.
My computer, Asus, Intel core I5-5200U CPU,
RAM 4,00 Go, 64 bits, Windows 10 ok. Nvidia GEFORCE 920M.

I’m very disapointed…

can you be more specific in what happens when you attempt to launch the game? Do you get any error message of any kind?

Most of your setup seems fine, but contrary to what official system requirements for DE tells, 4GB RAM isn’t enough to properly run the game, unfortunately. However the low RAM shouldn’t be a impeditive to open the game.

If you can provide any further detail on your issue we can try to dig on more on this. Are your system drivers up to date as well? Are you having issues running any other application aside from AoE2DE?

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I have update my pilote on thusday. and no, i have not problem on an orther application. Thé error message is « AOE2DE: the game dors not responsable », i clic on « play » thé first page with thé 3 peoples opened, and after the game crashed.

You have seen my return ?!

My friends i need help, i don’t understand :sweat_smile:

Hey Fuzzion, I did a little research on your components, and the GeForce 920M doesn’t seem to surpass the minimum required to run AoE 2 DE. I may be wrong on that, but from what I can tell this may be your problem. I suggest you o try running the game with the Intel integrated graphics to see how it performs.

Oh :open_mouth: I’m so disapointed.
How try to Running the game with the intel integreted graphics ?!

go to /steamapps/common/AOE2DE/AoE2DE_s.exe
(Since you have it on MS Store you have to find where you installed the game)
right click on it
Select run with graphic processor, click on choose default graphic processor,

Select Intel Integrated graphics from the drop down and click apply

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Hello my friend,

It’s ok, i can play.

With the modification of my graphic card!

Thank you si much.



That is very nice to hear! Have a great time playing!!

In order to get better performance, type graphic options in start menu, choose Classic App, navigate AOE2DE exe file and choose High Performance from the drop down