I can't bear the official Hard work but low skill

Do you know the despair in your heart?
I looked at the official release Bug and Balance updates time and again
I was touched because your working hard
But It’s not hot heart to do bad things reason!!!


The 29715 update let us FPS become move up and down.
The Chinese Germany consulate capitalism is 1.25 speed.But the Home city card become 1.65!
The Chinese Technology tree.Summer Palace have Three Banner Army can’t take the:(Summer Palace)
The animal far away the TC!It’s so frequently.When we fire with villager’s gun on opposite direction.Prey doesn’t come in the right direction sometimes!
TP Bug still stay in the game!


1:Aztec 10 Otontin Slingers and 9 Otontin Slingers Confused to 9 and 8
2:The British and Spain are Dad in the version
British is 300 Food 300 Wood.3’50-4’00 update to 2 by 15 villagers.It’s joke!.Please Slow him down.For Example:200 Food 300 Wood
Spain 900 Food upgrade option become so op!Only 2 cards can be returned cost quickly.The Spain have fast xp speed!I think can let the dog weaken.Hitpoint become 75.Damage become 10.Taking 0.25x against Hero!
3:Lakota Chief 2 area become 1 area.0.5x against Hero become 0.8.But it can’t slow people down.Just like Japanese.Why?It’s moving too fast.That’s why!!
4:Japanese Monk Smoke Bomb CD must become more longer!
5:Russia 5 Settlers start to become 6.Starting 600 Food 200 Wood become 500 Food 100 Wood 100 Gold!Add an unlimited 4 villagers card in age2.
6:Similar the Russia.Aztec.Taking Outpost Properties with barrack.Can’t create in age1!
7:Asian castle Prize become 200 Wood 50 Gold.Time become 40s
8:Giving Chinese northern refugee TC+2 settlers.village +1 settler.Village become 175 Wood but can’t free breeding.Breeding must research Selective Breeding.The rate of village fattening became normal.
only 10 Settlers can enter the village not 20!
9:Chinese StepperRider starting become 1.5x against villager.Keshik become 3.5x against cavalry.Iron become 300 Hitpoint and 20 damage 2x against Infantry!
10:Chinese Mongulian Scourge card become:StepperRider +0.5x against settler.+20%Hitpoint.Keshik +0.5x against cavalry.+20% Damage.It’s not op.Chinese Mongolian Army is so weak!

I sincerely hope you can test the game yourself before updating!

Thanks very much!

I think need more people to up

It’s very difficult to understand what you’ve written, sorry. Try writing it in your own language and the devs may have someone on the team who can read it.


It’s English.Sry,I am a Chinese.My English is bad very much

This websites offers Translation for everyone you can freely write in your native language.
2. You play on steam ?`Please consider playing the PUP and report bugs there, so they fix them before they release.

Sorry.Could I use Chinese language directly?

Yes, exactly! :):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks very much(非常感谢)