I can't complete the Oklahoma US Challenger

I’ve tried to train 10 Comancheros on Saloon.
I’ve tried revolt with Spain to Mexico to train 10x Vaqueros, I also just left 10x spanish villagers before revolt to Mexico (because they transform into Vaqueros after chose Mexico) and I also did try to get 10 Vaqueros on home city.
I’ve tried revolt with Spain to Argentina and get 10x Gaúchos in home city and i’ve tried to train 10x gaúchos.
Same with Peru and US (Brit to US).
I’ve tried convert the 10x Comanchero guardian treasure with Warchiefs.
I’ve tried choose Sioux cards with have Cowboys, until have 10x Cowboys… No success.
Is someone having the same problem?


Did you win the game or resign?

In some matches I surrended and in others I won.

Try spamming like 30 before resigning or winning, sometimes the counter counts units that were trained and still alive, so if any of them dies it won’t count

It’s bugged. You should train 15, not 10. Great developers, great game. I have never seen a game like this.

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Yes, I’ve trained 15x and finally it worked thanks :woman_facepalming: @iamgamingp25

I play like 4 games and still not completing this challenge WTF