I can't delete scenarios

I’m facing the issue, that everytime I delete custom scenarios they refresh the next time I restart the game. I already deinstalled the game and deleted the remaining files manually, but they somehow appear again and again. Does anybody know, how I can get rid of the scenarios?

I’m using steam btw.


I think we talked about this before I know of 2 places it goes when using Steam. It will go under the user file under steam if cloud saving is enabled. It also goes under the C:\Users<winusername>\Games\AOEDE\Users<gamertag>\Game Content\Scenarios folder. I cannot get rid of them from outside of the game, but only inside and not sure why it started like that recently. So, I copy the old ones to a jump drive, then delete in game.

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This was another guy about save games. I saw his thread lately. :see_no_evil:

I deleted both folders, but they reappear everytime I start the game again. Same happens, if I delete scenarios ingame, which seems to cause no troubles for you. But I don’t know either, why this happens, because in the past this wasn’t the case - no matter where I deleted them. Maybe the last update in july messed something up? The last days was the first time I tried to delete scenarios since the july patch and I had no issues before.

It just clicked. For me it started when Windows went from the xbox console to the new live xbox app. There is probably something in there to that, but I am unsure where to find it. One thing that helped and it was by pure chance was that I had to turn off the steam overlay and I disable cloud saves because of Anno 1800. That seemed to help with the in game deletes. It’s on my lists of things to figure out.

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I disabled the steam cloud (and logged at least out of my xbox live account), but didn’t turn off the steam overlay. I may try this out aswell next time. In the worst case, it doesn’t help either :smiley: But I’m really curious, what’s the reason. I already wrote a support ticket. They recommended to install the game on another drive, but the issue still appears. Replied them again and now I’m waiting for their answer.

I think they need to provide a hotfix or a fix in the next major update. Because more people have this or a very similar issue. You are also forced to delete the scenarios ingame, which is weird.

Okay if you are using Steam, I found all 3 directories the campaigns and scenarios are stored in:

C:\Steam\userdata\usernumber\1017900\remote ==>1017900 is the number id for AOEDE
C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires DE\Users\gamertag\Game Content