I can't play the campaign

Hello there. I’m having troubles with the campaign since Friday 12.
Basicly, every time I enter a quest (EVEN THE TUTORIAL !) I get the following message
Link to the screenshot: https://gyazo.com/585a4e3a05cc1f0d8b06c2362f4ab230

I have the game on Steam, tried to verify cache, reinstalled twice, nothing, hope I can get a solution here on the forum or something… Literally right now I have a dead game totally useless that dont work…

Have you tried restarting your computer? When was the last time it worked correctly?

Of course I restarted, and updated software.

Friday 12 sure, but with a saved game, not a fresh run. And the last time I’ve enter a fresh run… months ago.

I can still playing saves, but when I finish them, they dont count on progress. Always the same Error, Player 2 AI.