I can't play with idiots anymore.need dodge system or rollback

A Dodge system is needed.
I can’t play with idiots anymore.
Or make a lobby for us.Like “vooly”.
I don’t want to play games with the people I hate anymore.
The Dodge system is ruining the game.


If you hate so many people you can’t find games without them anymore you might think about if the problem is actually you and not everybody else.
Just saying.


I talked to people of the same nationality as me.
Most people agreed with me.


Why don’t you make lobbies with your people?
You can play with the people you don’t call idiots and you protect them at the same time from your toxicity.
Win-Win I would say.


There will always be a bunch of toxic players in any game community. Just try to ignore their toxicity and concentrate on winning. There is nothing as satisfying as beating a toxic player.
If you learn self-discipline it may help greatly in everyday life too, not only in game.

Or just create a lobby game and play with players you like.


I am not quite sure what is afflicting you, but if it is actually affecting you, I would recommend a break. Generally, if you are calling people idiots, you are taking the game too seriously. Remember that those you are calling idiots are actually people.


Being noob is okay, being idiot is not okay, I cant tell what exactly he wantna say, but some people are actually idiots. Some of them just cant critical thinking and I thought they copied their strategies from a goddam book.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you are correct and that you are playing with idiots. Then what is the problem? Idiots are humans with feelings, too. And it may be a fun extra challenge to play with them.

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Why don’t you find 3 people you don’t call idiots and queue with them ?

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  1. There is a big difference in skills.

  2. We are not very close.

  3. They play aoe4.

I want to meet foreign friends who I can play with.But where can I meet them?

I want to make a certain level of score.And I want to rest from the game.That’s all.
But I saw many people’s opinions today.
Thank you all for giving me good opinions.

People all start somewhere, but a common problem that is occuring is an overreliance on videos to learn how to effectively play the game. Many newer players suffer from underdeveloped fundamentals as a result, and somewhat experienced players have their skill atrophe because they are relying on what worked for player A over developing their own game instincts. There is a definite difference between critiquing a video for gain, and taking what you see and hear as axiomatic. Mistakes are also a part of improving. The players in question are not idiots, but need guidance with constructive criticism. You are probably correct that some of them are less analytical, and that is a problem being driven in part by an overreliance on authority. Naivete is not idiocy, but an issue of a different nature, which can be fixed.

The best players in the game aren’t analytical actually. They learn by trying and making mistakes.
Being analytical is only the 4rd step after figuring out what actually works and then giving names and categorizing things.

And we are currently in a process of questioning the old categories we constructed years ago. The Game has developed and it’s more and more obvious that the “old fashion” categories we gave actually don’t really hold anymore.

Maybe we need a new sotl or sotl himself can try to figure this out, how the game has changed and which are the new concepts we all actually play every time but still don’t have named and what are the differences to the old ones. I must admit that even for me, a guy who is usually not shy in refreshing his perceptions and trying to give names to new discovered things, it is currently confusing.
The mainline is, that the old concepts and categories aren’t “wrong”, they just don’t seem to fit at any situation anymore. And I witness myself and a lot of people going back and forth in attempting to describe these with new words and old ones which actually don’t really fit.

And it’s actually really necessary for TG, as communication is such an important thing there, that we now find the right wordings to lead the less experienced players in a good way and don’t irritate them with ancient categories that don’t hold anymore. I must state that I currently don’t feel comfortable in taking the lead in TGs cause I am not confident anymore that I use the right wording. And I feel a bit irritated if people then just call other players idiots in threads like this, cause I wonder how anybody experienced hasn’t felt the same issue as me. Sometimes i feel like an idiot myself cause I can’t really explain with the old wording what I want to talk about.

That’s kind of difficult whenba toxic player is on your own team. Some people are really stressful to play with, have very high standards, require everyone to tryhard all the time and criticize your every move. And I’m talking even about unranked lobby games, where there’s literally no real stakes.

Bottom line is that some people just arent as good at this game as others, and that despite them trying they still don’t necessarily know what and how to do things sometimes. It’s incredibly toxic to be an idiot about things like that and honestly, I ban that sort of player from my lobbies. You can be a LEL, a pro who wipes the floor with my base, that’s fine. But if you fail to show your teammates and opponents respect, then I don’t feel the need to play or cooperate with you.

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you won’t have much luck with that attitude, calling people idiots isn’t a good way. Play 2v2 and if you find a nice teammate, add them on steam or something and keep going like that until you meet a bunch of people and then you can play 4v4 with a nice team.


That really is an efficient way of finding potential teammates.
Although it does not even have to be a team game, If i like the playing style of my 1 vs 1 opponent - i will drop him a line admiring his skills or attitude, along with a friend invitation. Even if his skill is somewhat lacking but he shows some qualities of a solid teammate (like not resigning early) i`d rather want him on my team next time than some random dude.

The same goes for players of higher level than you. Don`t hesitate inviting them too. I once was in a tough 2 vs 2 game, it was a very close call, ended up in trash wars and although we lost - i really appreciated the communication in chat and asked him to become my senpai for team games which he accepted. Taught me some teamgame techniques i wish i knew sooner.

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After playing more than 300 solo TGs in the past, the experience was chaotic with either really good players as allies, or people that was just too new for the game, or people that never wanted to play well with you lol.
My best advice is, stop playing TGs, because are completely messed up lol, on top of not being with the best balance between civs (Franks, Britons, Mayans).
1v1 is more stressful, but you actually learn how to play the game better here because you use more than two type of units, and a lot of UUs that aren’t good in TG are completel fine in 1v1 (Leitis, Konnik are good examples).

That, or get yourself a pre-arranged team.
Solo TG is like mahjong or other gambling, which still requires skill to win but the outcome is mostly determined by luck (lucky to get good teammates, unlucky to get bad ones)


What do you mean with this? This sounds very toxic to me.