I can't see any games in the lobby?


I played one or 2 games during the beta, since then I log in and never see a single lobby in the browser. I don’t have vpn on, I have decent internet, I have below 200 ping for the top 4 servers, westus2 being best… What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I see any games???

Can’t even see a single lobby around? The escarce lobby issue with only a few showing up is a common problem, but to none showing at all is a unprecedented report!!

Anyways, stay thight. This week is promised to have a big update on the game to solve that and many other issues.

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Hey… still dont see any games. Last I logged in I saw 1 game from japan and it kept disappearing. I tried with both xbox logged on and off…

User @MopeElTwo reported to having no lobbies available due to some problem with their steam account.

I dont think as an end user I can diagnose this … can you look into what could be happening with steam?

Not exatcly diagnose, but we can try to funnel your issue as much as possible to get to figure out what is causing the problem.

From what I can tell, the bug that leds to lobby scarcity is definitevely patched after this january update. So, this probably means that your issued may be rooted elsewhere aside the game, that’s why I linked you to a report on a simmilar issue to yours, this way we can get some more insights about what may be troubling your game. I strongly suggest you to also try on what MopeElTwo did. If it proves correct that is a problem with the steam account, I also recommend to contact steam and ask about any restrictions on your account.

I reached out to steam support. They couldnt find anything wrong with my account… can you please investigate on your end.

Make sure your game is up to date, latest version should be 35209!

Mine says 101.101.35209.0 4667120

I had this problem myself. Everything worked out until the last update a few weeks ago. I noticed that I was logged into the Xbox Live ingame and decided to log out and see if that helped. Once I logged out from Xboxlive I was able to see all games, in lobby/ spectator mode.

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I was unable to play MP since sunday!!! :sob: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sneezing_face: :triumph:

Glad it is all better! It was so frustrating having that problem so happy I could help!

No luck. Tried with and without xbox signed in. Never seen a game since I was in the beta. Saw 2 then , one crashed halfwaythrough. desync. I am in Canada.

Updated it to 35584, still no games. Tried on 2 different computers. Still no games.

The issues in terms of spectate or lobbies is still working fine for me with the logging in/out for Xbox live. Now since the patch was released I’ve had issues where the match begins and then 3-4 seconds of lag and then game either crashes or takes forever to “load” then catches up to only force crash.

Also if you are still having the issues with not seeing lobby/ spectate matches you can refresh and click in the first box that has nothing in it and you’ll see player information. You have to change tabs and go back to the spectate/ lobby menu and click the empty box again to see new match information. Its annoying as ■■■■ but worked until I found that resolution.