I can't see the minimap flares of my allies

I can’t see the minimap flares (the little X’s (alt +f ) markers on the minimap) if on my allies places one. Is there an option I need to toggle or is this some kind of bug? Its really annoying especially in nomad games.

I would really appericate some help

Same problem here. idk what to do

Since Yesterday i am unable to see the flare (mark) of my friends in the mini-map. I dont see it and I dont hear the sound. Besides that when my allies chat in game I dont see it either. I havent changed the settings… is this a Bug?

if the chat thing is a bug then i have it as well, or people just dont chat in our games…

Any solution yet guys

No, I asked on almost every platform for help but no answers yet.

I guess its a bug but no one knows how to fix it. Its super annoying and almost gamebreaking in nomad team games.

indeed, maybe re-installing game?

Have you checked the chat menu in game to see if you have your allies ticked?

Yes I think so, I didnt change anything

Yes I tried “everyone” and “allies” also checked the boxes next to the names and nothing changed.

same, in game chat sounds doesnt work either,