I can't seem to access the AoE3DE beta forums despite being invited

I was invited to the AoE3DE beta. I’ve encountered an issue but I cannot seem to access the beta forums.

I’ve cache refreshed the forums (ctrl-F5) and relogged in. I also tried to go through the direct link from the email I got but I am not allowed to access it.

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Hi @EmpAhmadK, Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies? A user found that logging in on a private browser tab or using a different web browser worked.

I already did that, but it did not work. However I just restarted my computer and now it does. Thanks!

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I have the same problem. I tried the steps mentioned but nothing changed. I have yet to restart my computer. I suppose i will try restarting my computer next. :slight_smile:

The full troubleshooting steps for beta forum access are located at the link below in case you need them.

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Sorry to sound so lost, but AoE3 DE has beta? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: How do you sign up for it? Does it play a lot like AoE3?

You can sign up here: https://www.ageofempires.com/insiders

Details of the beta are under NDA so cannot be publicly shared. That said, I’m not sure what else other than AoE3 you’re expecting it to play like, seeing as it quite literally is remastered AoE3 :smile:

I have done all your steps , refreshed changed browsers , cleared the cache . and the link on the email still says:- Oops! That page doesn’t exist even-though Iam logged in

@LethalAxe93 If none of the troubleshooting steps have worked for you, please send an email to aoeinsidersupport@microsoft.com and the team will grant you beta forum access soon.