I can't select all military units

…this is frustrating… just that, the hotkey to select all military unity doesn’t work, pretty important key to avoiding idle military units on all map.

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After testing different setups I realized what was the problem, it was the mod “Instant everything” that I used to test the keys, not sure where the problem is, maybe with the tool available to make those mods or with any change in the game that seems to collide with that mod.

In CBA you can not select units which have been created by script.
(if you create from building - hotkey works)

select all military - not working
select idle millitary - not working
select “all units on the screen” - working.

PS May be if someone rebuild the mod with new patch it will be fixed. Or mods is ded, if ower afk.

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However, there is a workaround, you can select all units, that hotkey works but it will also select villagers and sheep, in that case, you will need to deselect them to have only military units selected.

Thank you for reporting @zaniocz and @Raviusd! The team will take a look.

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