I can't understand fulani nerf

the fulani archers were never a broken unit, in fact in treaty they are that bad. I can’t understand the nerf they got in this patch, now they are totally even more useless than they used to be. If we add to that the nerf to the maigadi and corsair marksman that leaves hausa very bad standing as a civ now against heavy infantry civs in treaty.


There’s been a lot of power creep with new units getting ever increasing range. The longbow was the standard for a long range unit and they seem to be moving away from increasing range ever further. Sharpshooters also got nerfed by 1 range.

fulani is the best archer in the game, instant shooting animation with 1.5 rof, 4.5 of speed decent atk, can have 25 range aswell, what do you talking about ?


I know you are a pro Kevin, but the archer only uses 1.5 ROF and instant shooting when it doesn’t have 25 range, and doesn’t have decent damage. it only has 25 range and decent damage with 3.0 ROF and non instant shooting…so what you said don’t occur at the same time…

imagine have the best archer in the game and still complaining XD Love to see that forum XD

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I’ve said many times that they just need to train the Akan musketeers as fast as the musketeers of European countries in imperial times to improve their treaty status without the bonuses of storytellers and universities

their base dps is higher then skirmishers so its pretty decent

other archers trade having even higher dps for cost or shitty animation so their base stats is pretty strong all things considered

Their multiplier is 1.5x, skirms can get to 3x. You really shouldn’t compare them to skirm, you should compare them to yumi, or longbow, which also have low multiplier.

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Sure even the the comparison is favourable like with the yumi

Base dps is comparable (18 fulani vs 19 yumi)

More raw hp for less range armour (120 vs 100)

Straight up higher speed

Both have 2 upgrade cards for range and stats

Cost are the same with fulani being more food weighted

both have instant animation

its a very favourable comparison

Africans needed to be nerfed in every build.
Glad they didn’t nerfed them in hot-fix again!

Oromo Warrior slightly reworked, but not reasonable.
They changed nothing the help Ethiopian to stop artillery mass, gatling guns, grenadiers, rockets, heavy cannons….

his multiplier is low, every fulani makes about 60 vs heavy infantry without long range atack,. they can’t stop halb, doppel spam.

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In treaty they aren’t the best archer of the game, they are really inefective as a counter of heavy infantry


Compare the multiplier of both units, not the base attack, in base stats they are similar but as a counter of heavy infantry they are really bad in treaty.

the problem is that they train slow even with griots, university aura and faudal armies. Really dificult to mass


if you research the long range attack, their multi goes up to 1.5, the same as yumi, for both long range and short range attack, the comparison stands

you have culvs, falcs, Jav riders in melee even howdahs/mahouts can do it and now a good cav unit what are you talking about ?

yumi attack with all cards and upgrades is 53 while fulani is 20 considering the ROF of 1.5 the atack would be 40, 1.5 for fulani isn’t enough to counter strong heavy infantry units in treaty. they cost 100 recourses and make less damage to HI than a strelet.

Lol aoe3 = treaty in your eye.

huh that 1.5 multi on the fulani is just a hidden change, not a tech, that wasnt listed in the patch notes

They just got a straight buff against heavy infantry in exchange for 1 less range in the super long range attack

thats a pretty good exchange tbh

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Doesnt fulani has 1.5x always? What change are you guys talking about