I didn't get early access for Dynasties of India

Hey, everyone. I have a Youtube channel called MikeEmpires. I’ve posted over 2,000 AoE2 videos over the past years. It’s been how I support my family for the last 2 years. The amount of supporters and friends I made along the way and the love I have for Age of Empires II give me excitement to post every day. I really can’t stop thinking about Age of Empires 2. It’s what me and my cousins play since childhood. I also love and have created a lot of content for Age of Mythology, AoE: DE, AoE III: DE and AoE IV, but my favorite game of all time is AoE2. Today, Age of Empires team has released early access for many creators, and my channel wasn’t remembered, even though so many creators have got invitations and even though I was so pumped about Dynasties of India DLC.

Recently, I’ve reached the mark of 25k subcribers and I was truly happy about it. I cancelled most of my appointments and focused much more on content creation on these past weeks. I’m really sad I didn’t get early access even though this game is so important in my life.

I’m studying 3D animation solely for AoE2 content creation. I’ve modded so much for the Age of Empires community. I spent weeks trying to get the Terran Battlecruiser on AoE2. I’ve done so much solely for the purpose of making more content for AoE2. I’m really passionate about it.

Can someone talk to me, please? Can someone help me with this? I got thrown a cold bucket of water and I hope someone can give me some light.


If it helps. Ageofnoob was in a similar boat with aoe4. He was more popular than other casters that got early access.

Email Devs, you might have simply been missed by accident.


We can wait one more week to see you YT videos
I personally find them amazing

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twest also didnt get early acess and he has 200 more subs then you. also nili has 37k and didnt get any invite. i dont think the decided based on size but rather some other metric we are not privi to


Thank you, PlumpDucklin. And thanks for the tip!


I appreciate it, AlphaCreator. Thanks.

T-West is awesome. I look forward to seeing his Dynasties of India campaign. But Nili… I think he’s much much important than a creator now. Isn’t he part of the staff? I might me mistaken.

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He’s part of the FE, though it doesn’t mean he has played it. As far as I remember, he organize events, so we can’t just assume he REALLY tested it

If it makes you feel any better: people in the games press haven’t received any preview codes either even when requested.

Guess someone in the marketing department feels it’s better to focus on just a handful of YouTubers for exposure.

When instead, they could just bring the release date forward globally, which I personally think is a lot fairer than the system where only a select few get early access.

Yeh, honestly I’m not that jazzed about my first exposure to the new expansion being a few internet celebrities getting to play it a week early and put out all kind of spoiler/leaked content, versus everyone discovering it together. From a gameplay perspective it’s annoying to know all of the new stuff vicariously first, and from a content creation perspective, it’s annoying that the people who are already most established with the biggest audiences get a week head start on their content over everyone else. It’s kind of like getting a Holiday present that was supposed to be a surprise, except they not only tell you what it is, in detail, with all its features, but then you still have to wait a week to open it.