I don't understand the repeated changes to the Persian tc bonus

According to the forum, tc productivity bonus will be the same when DE comes out as in the next version, so why do this? Is it gonna have to be canceled again in six months?I’d rather cancel tc hp bonus in exchange


All old nerf will be reverted eventually so that old civs can compete with new civs.

Franks foragers work 25% faster again.
Mayans resource lasts 20% longer again.
Aztecs villagers now carry +5 resources again.
Folwark now gives 10% food from farm again.
Hindustanis villagers are 10%/15%/20%/25% in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial again.
Huns CA are 20%/30% cheaper in Castle/Imperial again.
Britons range works +20 faster again.

And since Dravidians and Bengalis obviously need nerf for their ultra monster buff on BE,

Bengalis get 1 villager from TC when age up.
Dravidians get 150 wood from age up.

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@SMUM15236 Why do they (Bengalis and Dravidians) need economy nerf for a military buff?

Good question. Okay military nerf then -

  1. Bengalis lose Bloodlines.
  2. Dravidians lose Thumbring.

Add Khmer reverting the Farmer slower workrate.

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Oh yeah. And also BBC is back to tech tree.