I feel having your archer units on top of walls should give them some sort of advantage

If an archer unit is standing on top of a stone wall fighting another archer unit standing on the ground below I feel the one standing on top of the wall should have some sort of advantage. Chance of dodging non-siege ranged damage from below? Extra damage? The attacker losing accuracy firing on units on top of the wall? Would probably be easier to make your units able to garrison the Stone Towers.

Unless I have understood this incorrectly then the archers standing on a stone wall is getting a resilience bonus and also I’m sure that I’ve seen upgrades that increases the dmg done by 50% think as the Chinese and one of their landmarks.

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Archers on top of a wall can also not be attacked by melee if the melee is not on top of the wall, thats kind of an advantage, in a way.

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from what i understand they take 70% less damage, have increased range, and obviously cant be attacked by their main counter, melee units. it’s a huge advantage and it is absolutely worth it.


It’s already stated that they have extra range and resist more damage too when on top of walls

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Oh, well then. I know they block their counter but I was thinking more of that other thing you said.

(Sorry for using the german translation, just showing you where that icon is)

They already receive 66% less damage through ranged and siege and have +2 reach when standing on a wall.