I feel like the "ratings" are "untrustworthy."

I keep getting trounced by people with ZERO online history: like prople with 3 wins and no losses, but who devastate me – compared to equally ranked players, who I dominate.

Do you allow new (duplicate) accounts, which start fresh, like newbs? How is that fair to anyone?

Probably fair to your bottom-line… .

Could be smurfs. But, not everyone plays ranked.

I do play ranked. But I like non ranked games more. Since you can play things like CBA.


It’s a steam function (family account) so I’m not sure you can easily do something about that.

Yeah it’s super easy and FREE to make multiple steam accounts that can Access the same aoe2 game for free.

With the new temp banning for map dodging this should be on the rise.(as predicted)

Nevermind there’s a ton of people that do this anyway for a number of reasons (some as dumb as “but im trying a different build, like no archers to 1800elo”)

Players vary in capacity from day to day as well as depending on civs , or maps (huge factor on player performance) or trying new builds.

And finally there’s a number of veteran players from previous iterations of aoe (well any RTS)that come across to aoe2de… and then seem like intentional smurfs

Until you pass something like 1500 elo this will continue to happen


It’s like you’re a banker, explaining how expanded medicaid can’t help me.

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It could be a veteran player that has tons of experience from Voobly and just started DE, or simply a very gifted new player. What do you suggest? Background check for every new account?

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the devs devise a way that people at my ELO play people at my ELO. Maybe they’ve done all they can do, I dunno. But, I’m over 50, and keyboard dyslexic (I swear it’s a thing!). I’ve played this game off and on for thirty years, or so, so it would be nice if the devs honored that loyalty with a little attention to my complaint.

What’s CBA, hobbit? (Extra useless words to meet the re quired quota.)

  1. New players have to get their 10 games before their rating becomes real, regardless of how good they are
  2. Smurfs are a thing
  3. You can’t make players with only X amount of ranked games get matched against players with only X amount of games, because queue times would be enormous
    Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but there is no easy fix for smurfing and at least after the player is out of the 1000-1200 range you won’t see him anymore.
    Also, keep in mind that a lot of players who play exclusively unranked sometimes get an itch to see what their elo is- in which case, 500 games of nomad 4v4s or arena ffa do help.
    I don’t think you have the right mental approach though- if you care about losing you also care to get better- watch the replay, see what they did different- even in a 10 minute game there are things to see and learn.
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Ha! Wow. You’re so officious! Although, you did make a couple of points I hadn’t considered. Like queue times for new players being an issue. Still, I’m old. And my gameplay isn’t likely to improve much. So, I’d appreciate if the devs do all they can to rank me with other geriatric players. Especially geriatric newbs!

Yes the earth is flat. Vaccines are bad for you.

And everything else you believe must be true /s

If you don’t want the answer then don’t ask

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I don’t like you. xD


Very interesting idea. Pro golf has ‘Senior’ tournaments. Having a queue played at ‘casual’ rather than standard speed would emphasize strategy over dexterity.

As logical as that sounds, why does it also sound demoralizing? Look, I can’t say what my true ELO is, because I keep getting matched with people at a much higher ELO (And this I can see, post game. Sometimes my whole team is ranked below 800, while the opposing team are all ranked above 900. Surely, the devs could do something about that.)

But thanks for your support.

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I would just like to post this here.

(2) Hi! I managed to get over 1100 as quadriplegic with no finger function, using wacom tablet instead of mouse :slight_smile: I know it’s not much, but it’s kinda big deal for me, to be able to compete with healthy people and kick some asses :slight_smile: and what’s cool, I know there is still room for lots of improvement :slight_smile: : aoe2 (reddit.com)

You have no excuse.

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I’m charmed. But how is that possible? I’m f *ing psyched that it is. And if you’ve been kicking my ■■■, you’ve got your’s coming, miss. “I haven’t yet begun to fight.”