I feel like there's some important features missing

This game is great, but as others have mentioned, there’s quite a bit that I feel is missing.

First of all, why are some keybinds locked? I would really like to change alt for camera panning but it’s entirely grayed out an impossible to change.

Why is there no diplomacy? I know it’s not essential and not a lot of the community will ever even use it, but I think AoE4 has the perfect mechanics for really cool diplomacy maps. Again, not super important, but would be a really nice touch to the game.

Also the zoom. I think most of us can agree that the zoom is way too far in. I really don’t know what their logic behind not increasing the zoom at least a little bit is.

Why is the population unalterable? I understand having the population set to 200 in queue matchmaking, but in custom games I’d really like to be able to change it in custom games with friends to 300 or 400.

Finally, why is there no game saving in custom matches or pauses? Not having the ability to do those really hurts…

Overall, I love the game though, don’t get me wrong. I love the civs, the mechanics, and the graphics. I just feel like these are some features that I’d really like the game to have. Let me know what you guys think!