I found something stupid to abuse again (berber sultan)

So the Beber sultan has an aura that increases its stats with allied mercs and outlaws nearby

so what happens when you send the theaters card so that outlaws are 1 pop and also stack all the hero and cav upgrades+ unction with spain for good measure.

you get this monster

I think its capped at this value somehow though someone can check if you can push this higher

bit of fun, now someone go out there and see if this can be broken somehow


Ok so its also a native unit so French can actually get it higher HP but have less attack with all the cards combined

also noticed that it seems to get more stats from mercs then outlaws so you might not even need to be going full outlaws on this

only 35 mercs are needed to max out the HP

you do need 70 mercs to max out the atk


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