I get really weird errors on my clones files after the recent new patch at AOE4 Content Editor

@CorpCodfish or any AOE4 developers please would you look into this issue please?

After the recent patch (Age of Empires IV - Patch 5.1.148), these errors are generated from no where at my cloned files. It was 30 errors at the beginning and I managed to decrease to 13 errors now but some of the _ext files that re-done them again that consumed lots of time.

Every new patch I fix tons of new generated errors at my mod at Content Editor :frowning:

I checked these files and for example the same “audio_ext” files are generated by themself…

Hey @MomentoTR89 sorry for the delay. The base instances appear to have gotten a major update this patch, which is awesome but a headache for us modders eh!? Personally I haven’t found a quick-fix method for the duplicates, just tediously working through each extension =/
If it’s any consolation, they also appear to have broken their own official tuning pack lmao, the Double Villagers one.

A ‘remove duplicates’ or ‘compare file contents’ type shortcut would be a useful feature to have :mag_right: :wink:

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