I give up of this game

I’m a big fan of Age of Empires series. The AOE3 i like the most. Buy the Definitive edition as soon as entre the pre-sale.

But i’m really dessapointed. There are many error and bugs: you play about 50 minutes of a NR40 games and the just shut, ou freezes, or give messagens about bad synchronism…

The lobby is very difficult do deal, bug the room game all the time…

i’m really sad about this, i love the game…but I’m giving up


I don’t blame you. I’m gonna keep on playing but between the horrible crashing, the chat censorship and the insistence on changing the names of colonial age and plantation this whole launch has been a disgrace.

And it’s a shame because there is so much good here. new civs are nice, new maps are nice changing the colors to whatever you want is nice, the reworked revolutions are fantastic.

It’s like getting punched in the gut constantly from someone that you love. I feel like I’m an abused housewife.


just a dissappointment :confused:

If you find bugs, keep reporting them: they’ll fix them, sooner or later. I’ve found so many of them, but I don’t give up yet: making a game (more generally, making software) is not so easy as it looks. More bugs are found, more of them are fixed; it’s a very long process, but, at the end, this will become the game we expected to be. Patience will be rewarded at last.


After playing videos games for more than 15 years This is so true. Probably you had high expectations about AOE3DE this is why you’re not liking what you see. But I can tell you it is different this time. With a group of developers working to give us a patch a week game will get to a good place.
I play lots of league of legends and starcraft 2 and up to this day after 10 years. Every patch I read they find bugs always


They were almost certainly low on funds and were pressured to get the game out. I suspect they knew about the problems but didn’t have time to address them.

I understand that situation, I just question how they allocated their time to different issues.

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Or they were in a hurry for commercial reasons, we can’t know. I hope all bugs will be fixed, because it would be a real shame… this series has a glorious history, it must not be ruined.

i give up too, they are just too dumb.

5 days now and ranked quicksearch is still not finished. If it wont be fixed this week i will uninstall and never come back. have to play cyberpunk 2077 in november then.
its a pitty it was the only RTS next to age of empires 4 i really was looking forward to since Gamescon 2017 (had been there as new age games where announced).

And now 3 years later we get a non working piece of crap without working ranked QS.
Didnt they learn anything from Warcraft 3 Refund ? it seems not.
Bad tactic to let too many new teams always do the same errors again.
They had the experience in their Age 2 DE team. “i will be the same multiplayer plattform” No it wont, age 2 DE has working ranked QS.

There was a Patch yesterday, so a friend of me and i made some ranked games yesterday (1v1 ranked quicksearch) -> 12 hours later = today its still not counted.

WTF really? That patch yesterday didnt fix ranked games not counting?!

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