I got an invite to the Age Of Empires IV Closed Beta but Microsoft Store is not working I am extremely disappointed!

Hi! I got an invite in yesterday to the new Age Of Empires IV Closed Beta, thank you so much for that! Everything worked fine till I come to the installation part then I get this error message with this code: 0x80131500! Whatever I do, Microsoft Store can not load the install page. I have updated, logged in and out, restarted the computer six times now and it is still the same problem! Then I sent two report messages to the Microsoft Store, then when I look deeper into everything I find others who wrote on the Microsoft Store problem page who have the same problem as me, then the Microsoft Store team has not responded to customers in one or two years and then the answer is often something completely different than what the customer asked from beginning. The reason I am writing this post here is because the support page for Age Of Empires IV Closed Beta does not work either. Am I surprised?? I’m so damn disappointed!! I who had been looking forward to this so so much!! Then it ends like this!! :disappointed_relieved:

If you got the beta invite you should be able to go to the AOE4 beta forum and read the following post:

Yes that’s right I got an invite to the beta, got it on email last night! That forum does not work and the link you just sent does not work either, it says this when I click on the link: “Oops! That page does not exist or is private.”! :disappointed_relieved:

If you have problems login into the beta forum, the link below can help you with that.